Major Issue about being a criminal in firestone

Major Issue about being a criminal in Firestone


There has been plenty of problems with being a criminal in Firestone, It’s more of a COP only RP than a actual RP for everyone, It’s basically go work for the goverment or go fuck yourself.

Issue 1 [Court System when it comes to Criminal Cases]:

Normally, When someone gets sued in a Criminal Case he gets caught and serves his punishment, in Firestone its completely different and retarded. If the LEO’s can’t catch you, and have hard time arresting you guess what, You can fucking get sued and sent to prison :ok_hand: . Nice RP right there dude, can’t even fucking highly wanted criminal without a kid getting triggered about it.

Issue 2 [Claims of exploiting] (Personal):

Now this is a personal issue, ive been facing the first day I became a criminal, basically butthurt LEOs tend to call me out for exploiting when I have been reviewed by devs, recorded myself at one point. I have never fucking FRP really and most people know that. but it legit gets fucking annoying when you can’t even do anything in Firestone without some butthurt kid calling you out for killing them

Issue 2 [Gun Lag]:

Legit the biggest issue about being a criminal is the guns, the lag sometimes goes so bad to the point the gun itself doesn’t even fucking fire. Legit some people mid-fucking gunfight their guns shoot every 1 whole minute because of the lag for it to actually send the packet of the shot.


i love you sam

no homo


As I said in Discord, the way our Court System works in necessary to balancing the game, and is, as Fed has stated before, supposed to work like you described (as displayed by his classic xxMichaela case). Without it this game would be rediculous. Irl you can’t murder literally every police officer in the large State and just poof, so there’s your realism. As for the lag and false accusations, I see your side there.


Did you legit just explain a scenario of logging lmao, that doesn’t back up your claim at all but ok

To be honest, the role play system for LEOs needs to be revamped and taught efficiently

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No, my point is there is no physical way you can literally kill every police officer in an entire state and just be able to hide afterwards.

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Maybe if the game was so civilian-interactive, FS wouldn’t have this problem.

It’s extremely boring being a law-abiding citizen


Actually lets think about it, if am actual terriost did attack a place, he can legit kill some cops and go underground. Even if they are hiding in the state.

Great example of that is the zodiac killer

Sam is like the only good criminal in Firestone :smile:

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except when he pins down SCFD at the CD behind their trucks :triumph:

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gotta do what u gotta do u feel me

@Blockguy75 I agree

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this is me waiting in bloxycreme while ur sniping from the hills
waiting for rw to revert from a warzone to a city

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I get you want to include DoC and whatnot, but at the expense of so many other departments is not worth it!

Best Wishes,
-Mr. Law.

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You see, the real problem is we have a community that is getting worse and worse by the day. If the people in Firestone were actually competent, half of the things we want with actual RP could possibly happen.


I’d love to respond to this, so I shall.

I definitely agree with you when you say “join the government, or bugger off”, however, the Department of Commerce relies solely on the developers, as the department cannot implement businesses, etc, into the county. I wouldn’t blame it on either side, however now that I have noted this, I’d like to fix this as soon as possible.

Thank you,


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i used to be a criminal
i left because of how horrid everything was

i spoke to a rep to idk maybe see if FRP laws would be revamped just a bit because 90% of LEOs dont follow them but when criminals don’t we get cuff rushed

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FRP is a problem on both sides of the law. I have seen cops who don’t even tell someone why they are being arrested, but at the same time the majority of criminals (ever since v2 went free) doesn’t roleplay properly.

911 System? A joke, can’t even have decent calls anymore.
Pursuits? Who on earth would go opposite lanes doing U-Turns at high rates of speed while getting away from cops?
Active scenes? There’s always the average guy who comes in at 90 SPS yelling “-RAMS-” - luckily that’s FRP now.
Reckless Drivers? Better not mention that.

Overall, there’s guilt on both sides, but the current state of things doesn’t exactly help us (cops), the same way it doesn’t help criminals that actually roleplay along.

It’s hard to be a criminal, but it’s also hard to be a cop, but the guilt itself relies on a 3rd party, the FRPers and loggers, that make up a big percentage of the citizens’ team in v2 right now.

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Not really required even in real life. They get told eventually, but not necessarily by the arresting officer.

Well then, let’s look at what you say about that too.

Perhaps, this is pretty bad. Still, it’s not as if prank calls don’t happen in real life, so this certainly isn’t failure to roleplay.

Let’s see…
How about every criminal trying to escape the police ever?
You don’t exactly have to be smart to become a criminal. In fact, 95% of the time if you become a criminal, it’s because you aren’t smart. Going in opposite lanes during pursuits is rather common in extended pursuits, and U-turns at high rates of speed? Come on, they’re in a pursuit, why in the world would they not be at a high rate of speed?

Happens a lot in real life too. Not with people intentionally ramming, but officers on traffic stops get rear ended a lot by people who stop paying attention after they see the fancy red and blue lights. FRP if they continue moving as though nothing happened, but just ramming a scene isn’t FRP.

As if people can’t be idiots in real life?

Only thing you mentioned that is actually FRP 100% of the time.

I quote this last one to mention that this is definitely true. However, you need to come up with a better understanding of what failure to roleplay is.

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  1. Learn the law.

Sure thing there are fake calls in real life. But there are no calls like “Location: LUL” “Describe WE dah best music”.

No one in real life does that, even when running from the police, FS pursuits are very unrealistic whether you accept it or not, I recommend that you go watch some videos of real-life pursuits and then tell me if our pursuits have any similarities other than the cops behind the suspect (sometimes cops do horribly with pursuits too).

Happens a lot in real life? So you think that’s it’s common to be on the sidewalk talking to someone and all the sudden some guy rams you on purpose? That’s a terrorist attack in real life, not something casual. Plus it is FRP, Fedora has stated many times that ramming an active scene and reckless driving around it on purpose is FRP.

There are reckless drivers in real life, sure, but none of them are like FS’s. People in real-life might drive in a bad manner, but not nearly as bad as in FS or other games all over Roblox. This is a problem of realism, not whether it is possible or not.

tl;dr - Learn FS Law. This isn’t about what is possible or not, this is about realism and the fact that people in FS are constantly doing stuff that has a 0.01 % chance of taking place in real life, rather than doing stuff that falls under the other 99,99%.