M_inko for Stapleton County Council

Greetings, citizens of Stapleton County. I am minko, and I am proclaiming my candidacy for County Council. I ran last time and unfortunately, I didn’t get enough supporters. This time, I hope to get numerous supporters and votes

You’re probably wondering, “Who is this guy?” Well, I am new to Firestone and I have come to lengthen my experience in law enforcement and politics. I am currently going through POST right now and while I am doing that, why not be apart of the county government? With that being said, I do hope you all consider and support my undertaking for the position of County Council. I want you to vote carefully and choose the right County Councilman/woman for this wonderful county. It can be me or someone else, but I’ll greatly respect your decision in the approaching election.

You need someone who will exhibit leadership & fortitude for this county. Being apart of the county council, I will take on the county’s intricate challenges and succeed in doing so. That’s what I’ve done. That’s what I’ll do with being apart of the County Council. I have been a congressman or councilman for other groups and since my experience in the legislature is sufficient, I have decided to come to Firestone to increase my experience. Honestly, I think the current administration and government within the county are doing fine.

It is my sincere hope that you will consider me for County Council. I will break my back to do everything I can for Stapleton County and you all. I will be dedicated to my work here in Stapleton. If you should entrust me with this large responsibility of strengthening our county, I will ensure your voice is heard. Make a wise decision on who will represent our county with determination, and self-confidence. I will always respect your decision to whom you elect to be apart of the County Council.

Yours Truly,
County Councilman Candidate

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Support. Good luck man.

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