Lockpick for cars

Lock pick for cars would give the game more roleplay and give criminals other stuff todo

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Not a terrible idea but I think a lot of people would probably just respawn the car and wouldn’t appreciate the inconvenience for the sake of RP. Obviously government vehicles would need to be unpickable as well. In theory it’s an okay idea but in practise I think it would just annoy people. You could maybe have it as an option that has to be opted in or out of but even then I think most people would just opt out.

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There was a similar feature in early Alpha or Beta at one point, in 2017, to hotwire and steal a car. But it was removed for some reason.


It was originally added in 2017 as @Fastbird4 mentioned, its still in the code of the game I believe. However, if I remember correctly it was removed due to it being exploitable.

There is a hotwire/lockpick system in v3 already which hasn’t been implemented fully yet, we have intentions to have it fully functional and bring some unique roleplays to v3.