List of FedLaw & FedPolicy

List of Fedlaw
This thread will be used for amendments/changelogs since my last one was locked due to inactivity.


Amended November 14th of 2022

  • 2/24/2022: Being a hostage is not illegal and you cannot search hostages without probable cause

  • 2/24/2022: You can search bank robbery suspects if everyone has been detained and the culprit is not found or has not been determined

  • 10/21/2022: DHS is abolished on November 30th and municipal police departments are primary departments on the same day.

  • 10/27/2022: It is FRP to commit crimes on POST property

  • 10/27/2022: Any law enforcement agency may use the V2 POST campus

  • 10/27/2022: POST has priority utilization over the V2 POST Campus

  • 10/28/2022: POST vehicles cannot leave the V2 POST Facility and cannot be used for anything other than training purposes

  • 10/28/2022: LEOs may not drive code to find pumpkins

  • 10/30/2022: You cannot use alternate accounts to gain bonuses from the pumpkin events

  • 11/9/2022: Department members may wear an appropriately sized Santa Hat with no accessories and color freedom from November 25th to January 2nd.

Special thanks to @TheDarkBite1 for helping find these.


Amended November 17th of 2022

  • 11/17/2022: Laying in the snow to bait getting run over is FRP
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Amended November 28th of 2022

  • 5/2/2021: SERT cannot respond to a “callout” outside of their jurisdiction

  • 11/11/2022: SWAT is not classified


SWAT is classified lol

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not classified???

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  1. Where did Fed say it’s not classified
  2. Huh why wouldn’t it be

Amended November 28th of 2022

  • 11/30/2022: SWAT is classified to the public, but not to other law enforcement officers

(struck down)

  • 11/11/2022: SWAT is not classified
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ah another stupid Fed comment that someone’s taken too literally

swat is classified by the power of the consent of classification lol

classification isnt one “law”, certain people have the power to classify items related to their department, and the swat CO is one of them. what is classified of swats is up to the CO.

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Amended January 2nd of 2022

  • 11/30/2022: All municipal police departments are primary departments; those employed in multiple primary departments are to resign within the day or may face termination by the Department of Public Safety

  • 12/8/2022: The “PRMY” channel is public.

  • 12/8/2022: Channels “TAC1”, “TAC2”, “EVNT”, “SCFD”, “EMPL”, “PRSN” and “TRN” are restricted

  • 12/8/2022: Channels “ESU”, “FBI” and “FSNG” are classified

  • 12/8/2022: FNG flags may only be used for “events, trainings, formalities, etc.”

  • 12/18/2022: No law enforcement officer may use a non-department-issued firearm on duty and DPS may investigate/discipline those in violation

  • 12/28/2022: All persons who obtain an enabled “particle emitter” at the moment where a misusage of firearms occurred are all equally able to be punished by DPS if no one admits it unless other video perspectives are applicable.

  • 1/2/2023: K9’s may be deployed on an active shooter when all other means have been exhausted


this one is not only VERY VERY illegal, but also goes against the core concepts of our judicial system

soo no thank u fed


Fuckin’ yikes


Amended February 16th of 2023


  • 1/4/2023: Burglaries are to be enforced like store robberies until the legislature produces a statute on such.

  • 1/5/2023: SCSO is primarily responsible for Hillview and Greendale calls.

  • 1/10/2023: Laws will apply in V3 upon its Beta release.

  • 1/10/2023: All LEOs will eventually be required to complete a V3 POST lesson to explain new processes and procedures.

  • 1/17/2023: The Firestone Park Service, Firestion Aviation Administration, and Stapleton County Port Authority may be recognized and established.

  • 1/17/2023: The Firestone Park Service is either a primary or two secondary positions; the Stapleton County Port Authority is a secondary position.

  • 1/18/2023: LEOs are allowed to do crimes as a civilian on V3 with no career impact until the last data wipe takes effect.

  • 1/18/2023: LEOs may not do crimes on LEO teams, nor may they abuse.

  • 1/18/2023: DPS may address obvious intentional foul acts in the version 3 map.

  • 1/22/2023: Spawn-killing, including LEO spawns, in V3 is not allowed and is able to be moderated

  • 1/30/2023: Posting NSFW content with underaged users present, either in a private setting or in a Firestone server, is not allowed and is bannable.

  • 2/5/2023: Department officials may not halt operations or required patrol logs due to slow version transitions, and those who have already done so must reverse it.

  • 2/6/2023: DOJ and Court officials, other than the Chief Court Justice and the Attorney General are secondary positions.


  • 1/10/2023: Patrol logs will count in V3 upon its Beta release.

Amended 6th of May 2023

  • 4/26/2023: Any facility not under the State of Firestone or its groups is not authorized for use and may be subject to moderation.

  • 4/29/2023: A hostage taker may be given free passage unless the suspect has committed a violent felony or the suspect has a warrant. Hostages must remain at the scene and must be unharmed. Officers’ cars can only be moved a reasonable distance away.





  • 5/14/2023: Business tools and placeables are only allowed for business roleplays. Using them for any other means is forbidden and can amount to moderation for FRP, removal of licenses and tools, etc.

  • 6/9/2023: FSP troopers must be in a department-issued uniform if they are not operating an ESU vehicle.

  • 6/14/2023: Conditional mutual aid rules.

  • 6/21/2023: LEOs are not allowed to wear packages on duty.

  • 6/25/2023: If a department official or other ranking individual is fired or terminated, all assets owned by them relative to that department must be transferred to the next individual (that takes that position). Violators will face a community ban.

  • 7/8/2023: Allied forces may not be on team assisting Firestone unless ordered by the Governor, and must be in their own uniforms.

  • 7/16/2023: Refusing to respond to bank/store robberies or theft/break-in calls is neglect of duty and is subject to punishment from the Department of Public Safety, the Department of Justice, and Court Justices.

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