Let's Talk.... Alt Accounts

Let’s talk about alt accounts for a second.

(full disclosure: I personally have an alt account in LEO)

I just saw @InstantBuckets got his POST certification suspended for “Alternate account in crime”. I personally believe this cert suspension is BS, but we’ll dive into that in a sec.

I personally believe that each account is a “person”. That person has their record and identity. Those identities should not cross. I think alt accounts are fine and you SHOULDN’T be prosecuted for having them. Think of something like FiveM’s DOJ. Each member has different personas that don’t (normally) cross. (feel free to debate in the replies)

Instant’s POST suspension.

Number 1: Evidence provided.

Looking through the evidence provided, it DOES NOT prove that the alleged “alt” account is operated by InstantBuckets. All it does is show his testimonial and allegations made by other people. It does not give any sort of valid proof that the alternate account is operated by Instant. The account is owned and operated by his brother according to him.

pug personal note on the case

pug personal note: I have seen both accounts ingame before. He has been “followed” by his sibling a few times. I’ve seen it ingame and in stream. I don’t have any proof to back this up however.

“Unless it can be proven over reasonable doubt that this account is not Mr. Instant his certification remains revoked. I don’t buy the “It’s my brothers account” story either.”

There’s an issue with this statement. It’s “Unless it can be proven over reasonable doubt that this account is not Mr. Instant”.

It cannot. To make him prove it would be a violation of personal privacy that should NEVER be asked of in a video game.

To close this post out, I call on @B_ear to lift his certification suspension based on the evidence provided to the public. Should the POST administration not lift the suspension, I urge Mr. Buckets to go to the Firestone Courts.

I think alt-accounts should be allowed. Nothing wrong with it at all. Feel free to debate in replies, I encourage it.

also pls dont go hunting for my alt in LEO, k?



not necessarily agreeing or disagreeing that alts should be allowed,
but it should be POST’s job to provide proof it IS an alt, not his job to try to prove it ISN’T


yeah no

also are you saying all alts should be allowed? even ones that are bypassing bans?

but anyway, nah


not “bypassing” bans, those should not be allowed. i’m talking about if you havent been banned.

Jacob is in FSP. He wants to see what the criminal lifestyle is like but not have to wait ~1-3 months for an expungement should he choose to be a criminal. That’s where an alternate “persona” comes in. Unless Jacob’s main or alt account is banned, he is allowed to have an alternate “persona”.

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I think if you’re dumb enough to get caught doing it you probably don’t deserve the privilege of living both lifestyles.


I don’t get why alt accounts == bad. It’s not like they are bypassing bans in FS. If someone could fill me in that’d be great.

POST’s whole suspension won’t hold up. No one can prove that the alt is operated by Instant unless Instant chooses to share private information.

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Why do you say that? I mean directly saying “oh yeah XYZ is my alt” is kind of violating the whole persona thing. You aren’t playing as your alternate persona, so don’t mention it otherwise you’d get into a whole FRP situation

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Not to get political of course, but officers with crime alts pose a threat to state security and law enforcement operations. They may intentionally or unintentionally give criminals information on law enforcement processes. So I understand regulatory bodies’ distaste for them.


Okay. I can see your point there. What about directly having a link on your profile or something saying “xyz is my alternate persona”. If there was to be a major event that you were filled in on (DHS/FNG sorta), we could make an exception that “if you exploit a weakness in security that you were filled in on that would not have otherwise come up”, then you could be suspended and be reprimanded for FRP (see: “You aren’t playing as your alternate persona, so don’t mention it”)

Specific “Alternate account FRP guidelines” can and should be added.

I think alt-accounts could work, seeing as how at least most of our LEO base is 13+. They can be responsible, and if they decide “NAH FAM”, write them up for FRP. Too much FRP = big ban hammer (for both accounts).

I understand you guys are all trying for some realism, but some leniency for actual fun should be a thing.


If you have an alt account and are good at hiding that you’re the true one behind it then go ahead since nobody knows. I don’t because it’s too hard to start out in Firestone as a criminal (I think).

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For alternatives accounts in Firestone, I personally think they’re seen as in an alias perspective. Say I created a new account for some company that has some sort of studio I’d be working at and I do something horrible on that account, that’s still me doing it under a different alias.

In Firestone or any other roleplay group, the said person with an alternate account, say they were a cop and their alt were to be a criminal. In that case, that criminal would have all access to law enforcement Discord servers and be able to see what everyone is up to which would obviously be horrible. I just think it’s to keep things secure and organized, and for bans, bans are supposed to be bans and not to be bypassed but I get you’re not talking about that (just for the people who mention it.)

On the InstantBuckets situation, I honestly have no opinion since I haven’t seen the full case or what not, but to comment on the “pug personal note on the case”, you can go in game with 2 accounts via the Microsoft store along with the Roblox Player.


I had a alt in DOT and POST when I was a criminal on Philip lol (didn’t finish post because I did tier 2 and 3 which were like 2 hours long and got bored) . I’m not supporting it or disagreeing but think about how dumb it would be for a “LEO to protect and do crimes” instead of “Protect and serve” Plus it would cause chaos in the departments. If you make a alt and are getting away with it then just continue. It’s not against game ToS if you aren’t banned. It’s only a state law

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dhs employee has access to classified documents, positions, locations, etc

said employee gets on his alt, assassinates multiple govt officials, breaches multiple areas, and releases said documentation

said employee doesnt get penalized and continues to do it

forum mods can we close this clownery of a forum post, thank you.


i call on u 2 stop being a clown.

and his certification has been reinstated.

and yeah im hunting 4 ur alt now.

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you decide to go through post with a total of 6 tiers, you take a oath. if you really really want to do crimes just resign. no need to make yourself look like an idiot when you get exposed.

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doesn’t violate forum rules and it’s a debate thread sur

ok have fun mister b_ear, just get proof this time ok. dont drag inno’s into it.

Seriously, it’s only a game guys. You all are taking it way to seriously. Uber-realism is really just not possible as it is right now. Why don’t we just have fun and stop taking EVERYTHING so seriously?

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bruh moment.

imagine having nothing better to do :weary:


I’m not going to comment on the topic of this thread, but I will at least comment on InstantBuckets’ POST certification revocation:

It should never be considered someone’s burden to prove their own innocence. The burden of proof lies with the accuser, NOT the accused. His POST certification should not be revoked if POST cannot prove that he is alting. He has no responsibility to prove that he isn’t alting.

(yes, before you say anything, I know his POST cert was re-instated. this is more of a blanket statement than one specific to Instant’s case).

Skye Jones
Attorney General


puggish prob doesn’t have a post certed account and is just trying to get a kick out of bear lets be real

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Those employed in classified departments should absolutely have no criminal alt and getting caught with one should result in punishment up to a cert revoke.

BUT, other than that, its not a big issue in my opinion. Criminal alts are allowed in Mayflower (many use them openly) and that doesn’t really cause any problem. Cops and Crime are the two major sides of the game. You can only pick one, so I understand why many try to experience the other side. Only a problem (other than classification abuse) if the alt breaks rules, acts toxic, or gets banned.

There is no law against this and I doubt one will ever exist.

Regarding the revoke, it for sure went against our policy on certification revokes. Should never be guilty until proven innocent. Rookie mistake for B_ear that I’m sure won’t happen again.