LEO Get Gear From Station/ And Transport to station

LEO’s Lack off filling up the Role Play aspect. We spawn with our gear and we dont have to get it. All we do is go to the weird guy that looks like a drug dealer in the garage and get a car. Now with the In game stations being added since we have locker rooms we can go into the locker room and put on a uniform and then go into an armory and get our radio, hand cuffs, And guns and such. Sorta like Mayflower. Also LEO Should be able to transport prisoners to the station. With this will come an easier way for logging. If someone logs we will have a trello were they get 30 minuets in jail there first time. 60 minuets there second time. And if they do it a 3rd they will be banned and if they do it for a fourth its one week banned and if they do it a 5th time its a month ban and so on and so fourth. If they get too tenth time logging they will be banned until V3 Or what ever. For example I get arrested and an A deputy brings me to the station and he brings me to an area were he can click on a computer and he will write his report there which will automatically be sent to there personal trello board.

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Gear is a cool idea.

As for the transport, its the same concept for DOC. However, DOC is normally offline or you are too far away and it would take too long to transport the suspect before they do potentially log.

As for the report idea, I was thinking having a report system on-screen then you would just do your report anywhere. From there, it would go to the DPS board and to the department head. Patrol logs would be different, they would be something you fill out on your own time. But arrest, discharge, confiscation, etc. would be sent to DPS and saved on a huge board.

SCSO Discharge Reports
FSP Discharge Reports

Those would be the categories of the lists.

Just more ideas and suggestions

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good idea


No, I am not a criminal.

But I would not wait however long (considering school is starting up again) for some guy to transport me. It reminds me of those situations when you pay more for the repairs than you do for the actual car. Not a chance a prisoner will [potentially] spend more time in holding than they will in the facility.

For the other ideas, I like them, getting gear and such. But remember that “prisoners” have feelings too and want to have fun in their roleplay, regardless of their role in it. The in-game reporting system would require a developer to enter a deputy’s trello board info every time one is hired and removed every time one resigns. HTTP-related functions would be so laggy you couldn’t check a license plate without waiting 20 minutes.

I like the idea. If you wanna DM me about it we could like develop it together or something.

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-Mr. Law.