Law_Gamingg Special Senate Elections

Hello Firestonians,

My name is Law_Gamingg. You might recognize me due to me being the owner of one of the many News companys in firestone state. I am also apart of a GTA5 RP community. I have been a admin with-in that community for about 6 months. I am also a YouTuber. But imma not get into all that. But yea thats a little bit about me.

I am currently running for the Senatorial Special Elections of December 2018. I’m asking for your support, to keep the State of Firestone a great place to roleplay in. A few of my plans to you, the Citizens are to fix the abundant amount of legal promblems and such that everyone in the state is finding or doesnt like.

Conclusively, I thank you for taking the time out of your day to read this, while I hope this has persuaded you to support me for election.

Any questions you may have may be sent to me on Discord.
Trooper Hunter#8723

If you support, please reply with “Signed” or “Support” to get me elected.

Thank you,


Grammar and lack in experience.
No support.


No support