Kicked by Server; A thread on Troubleshooting


Kicked by server. Please close and rejoin another game.

This error message has plagued many citizens of the Firestone Community, disabling their ability to join the Stapleton County V2 Game. This problem has been brought up many times, but is usually disregarded as a problem on ROBLOX’s side, or perhaps, “hur dur v2 is too laggy.” Originating from approximately September, this connection issue has been plaguing the community ever since.


Not sure. Probably just ROBLOX being ROBLOX. It has been observed that only a small percentage of games on ROBLOX have been affected with this issue.

Potential Fixes

Please note, these are some fixes that I have gathered from around the community and are not guaranteed to 100% work. If you have any more fixes, feel free to reply the fix onto the thread. If you need any furthur explanation on these potential solutions, feel free to shoot me a discord DM or reply on this thread.

  1. One of the most earliest fixes was rejoining. Many users have reported successfully joining the server after the 3rd attempt.

  2. Spam WASD + click. While on the load screen, users have reported that spamming the WASD keys and spam clicking have lead them to succesfully connect.

  3. Though some people may believe that Razer Cortex is useless, I have had people tell me that using the features of Razer Cortex to optimize and defrag their devices have helped them in the process of connecting. Though I personally tried, I did not have much success.

  4. Although I have not tried this, you can try to delete ROBLOX completely (and using cmdprmpt to clean any leftover things) and reinstall.

  5. Coming from a ROBLOX Dev Fourm thread, you may also try updating or reinstalling your drivers, specifically your graphics driver.

  6. Finding the file location of the ROBLOX Client and using the “troubleshoot comparability” may work.


Although these tips may not guarantee your arrival in a server, it may be helpful to try some of these tips and tricks. Got any other useful tips for the community? Feel free to post it below.

  1. Go to task manager and end any unneeded background tasks that may hog up your CPU usage.

  2. Like the first tip, turn off any applications that you may not need on your computer. Since Google Chrome is known to hog a lot of RAM, you can try limiting yourself to a few tabs open at a time.


I am not a computer geek. Please don’t go get angry if I did not use the proper “computer language” or if any of my tips are not relevant. This post was made for the community to discuss this on-going problem and share any tips and tricks they may have found.

Feel free to correct me on anything, try not to be too aggressive.

Please note that I wrote this up at 11:26 PM PST. There is bound to be grammatical errors. Please excuse them.


Can confirm this works for me several times.


Yeah the spamming WASD works for me as well.


Typically I get kicked when I join while I’m watching YouTube or something and not instantly moving.

Moving around when I join as soon as I spawn seems to prevent it.


Another tip don’t tab out of the screen Roblox is on, and you cant defrag a ssd even if windows says you can it gives unnecessary writes to the ssd. (Pro tip nothing to do with Roblox)


That’s what I do ^


Can confirm that it works. @Identitylaw


For me I don’t have anything open, but I leave ROBLOX open not moving my mouse and shit.

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Can this issue be fixed by the developers, or is it just plain old ROBLOX being retarded?

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Spamming WASD and klick worked for me, and @GoopTrigger its a idiotic roblox being dumb.

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