Keeping Up With The house of Representatives: Edition VI

House of Representatives

“Bi”-Weekly Newsletter (#006)

Newsletter Information

The Speaker of the House and Speaker Pro Tempore have decided to continue the tradition established by the former Speaker with the continuation of a House of Representatives newsletter. This newsletter is intended to keep the public informed of on-going House of Representatives operations. This newsletter shall detail any sessions, events, and etc which may have taken place over the course of the past month.

In-Game Session

Speaker of the House CanadlanLaw hosted the second session of the term in the Capitol game. The session, was attended by citizens, State Officials, and more. The decision to focus on in-game sessions versus discord sessions by CanadlanLaw has been to promote activity and demonstrate transparency, two of the most important qualities of a functional house. The Speaker believes that the House currently embodies these traits. Read the bulletin here: HOUSE SESSION BULLETIN _ 09.05.2023 (1).pdf - Google Drive

Meet the Representatives Event

On September 10th, CanadlanLaw hosted a House of Representatives: Meet the Representatives event in Stapleton County. Another step in a move to publicize Congress in hopes of making it a more direct and transparent process.

Department of Corrections Tour

On September 22nd, Speaker Pro Tempore kyhuls organized a tour with the Department of Corrections. At this tour, Representatives and their staff could learn more about the Department of Corrections and their facilities. Additionally, the House was able to meet with the Warden. Learn more about this in kyhuls’s release: SPT PRESS RELEASE #03.pdf - Google Drive


/s/ CanadlanLaw
Speaker of the House

/s/ kyhuls
Speaker Pro Tempore


@kyhuls that’s a good lookin release there


These releases, akin to the ephemeral morning mist that momentarily graces our world before dissipating under the unyielding gaze of the sun, arrive with punctual regularity, offering insights, reflections, and revelations that are intended, presumably, to illuminate our understanding and guide our collective conscience. Yet, it is with a heavy heart and a ponderous mind that I wade through these verbose waters, searching, ever so diligently, for the beacon of clarity amidst the tumultuous seas of rhetoric.

And so, after much contemplation, introspection, and not an insignificant amount of ruminative meandering through the labyrinthine corridors of my own cognition, I am inexorably drawn to the conclusion that I cannot, in all honesty and with clear conscience, extend my endorsement or support to the aforementioned weekly releases proffered by the distinguished Speaker of the House. My reasons, intricate and manifold as they may be, are deeply personal, shaped by the ever-shifting sands of experience and observation, and while they defy simple elucidation, I hope this prolix message conveys, in some measure, the essence of my sentiment.


the senate could never :kissing_heart:


“distinguished Speaker of the House” true


fr!!! what an informative release


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