Keeping Up With The House of Representatives: Edition V

House of Representatives

“Bi”-Weekly Newsletter (#005)

Newsletter Information

The Speaker of the House and Speaker Pro Tempore have decided to continue the tradition established by Former Speaker L_3ee with the continuation of a House of Representatives newsletter. This newsletter is intended to keep the public informed of ongoing House of Representatives operations. This newsletter shall detail any sessions, events, etc which may have taken place over the course of the past month.

House Leadership

On August 4th, the House of Representatives voted CanadlanLaw as the new Speaker of the House and ceremonial head of the legislature. As a result of his election for his inaugural term as Speaker of the House, CanadlanLaw made the following release detailing his plans and promises for his tenure: RELEASE #001 - SPEAKER OF THE HOUSE CANADLANLAW.pdf - Google Drive

Afterwards, Speaker of the House CanadlanLaw maintained tradition by hosting an election for Speaker Pro Tempore. On August 5th, the House of Representatives deadlocked in a 5-5 tie between kyhuls and SwedishVic for the position. On August 6th, Speaker of the House CanadlanLaw broke the tie and appointed kyhuls as Speaker Pro Tempore. More information on this decision can be found here: RELEASE #002 - SOTH CANADLANLAW - SPEAKER PRO TEMPORE APPOINTMENT.pdf - Google Drive

Inaugural Session

In an effort to promote activity, demonstrate transparency, and depict effectiveness, Speaker of the House CanadlanLaw hosted the first session of the term in Stapleton County, State of Firestone at the Capitol. The session, which was hosted in v2, was attended by many citizens, esteemed State Officials, and more. For the first time in half a decade, the session was also streamed by a twitch streamer, a decision organized by CanadlanLaw and Representative brnaq. For more on this: RELEASE #003 - SOTH CANADLANLAW - INAUGRAL SESSION.pdf - Google Drive

Emergency Session

In response to the inappropriate Declaration of War by the State of R******ay to revive their game, Speaker of the House CanadlanLaw hosted an emergency session to pass the Declaration of War by the Governor.


/s/ CanadlanLaw
Speaker of the House

/s/ kyhuls
Speaker Pro Tempore


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