Keeping Up With The House of Representatives: Edition II

House of Representatives

Bi-Weekly Newsletter (#002)

Newsletter Information

The Speaker of the House and Speaker pro tempore have decided to create and release a House of Representatives newsletter on a bi-weekly basis, to keep the public informed of on-going House of Representative operations. The newsletter details any sessions, events etc which may have taken place over the course of the past two weeks.

SOTH Public Service Employee Amendment

Last Wednesday, I was happy to announce I took part in multiple surprise meetings with the Public Employees of our State, enquiring about how they feel on a variety of different subjects. Most notably, all employees brought up concerns regarding their general welfare and protection while carrying out their duties in-game. This is not the first time I’ve had Public Employees approach me regarding their duties being disrupted by random civilians, leaving them annoyed and unable to do their job.

As Speaker of the House, I was proud to present an amendment to Congress, upping the current time of 400 seconds to 550 seconds for those who interfere with the duties of our Public Employees. It’s the aim of the amendment to decrease the chance of a Public Employee being disrupted and to punish those who disrupt them more severely.

Letter from Speaker L_3ee & Senator Mega_Goalie16

Last Friday, Senator Mega_Goalie16 along with Speaker of the House L_3ee submitted a release to the Secretary of the Department of Public Safety, the County Executive and the Sheriff of Stapleton County Sheriff’s Office regarding concerns relating to SCSO:SWAT. Said letter can be found here went into detail about some key issues which raised concerns about the security of our State. The release was responded to in state-announcements through multiple different statements, most notable one from the SCSO:SWAT Commander and one from the County Executive.

State of the State Address

Today, the Governor released the State of the State Address in which he spoke on what he as done for businesses in terms of the Vancouver Trade Agreement and the ongoing issues occurring with Barklen. It was nice getting to read about his thoughts on both situations and get his input on both. We look forward to seeing how the Barklen situation and Trade Agreement change and go within the upcoming months and look forward to yet another, State of the State address.


/s/ L_3ee
Speaker of the House

/s/ SveetChloe
Speaker pro tempore




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