Kamraxn & Vortex for Governor | Campaign Week #1

Kamraxn & Vortex for Governor

Campaign Week #1

Julien Family Bar Q&A

Julien Family Bar Q&A

On August 23rd, Kamraxn (accompanied by Governor Soiandiis & Secretary of State EvayLaws) hosted an event in the Julien Family Bar. During the event, he met with several citizens and the Governor. Kamraxn ensured that he would continue to support businesses any way possible if elected Governor. Unfortunately due to the crime going on around the event, Kam had to end the event early.

Here’s a few photos of the event:

Special thanks to APD, RPD, PDP, and ESU for keeping us safe during the event!

Jimmu's Dynasty Kitchen Shift

Jimmu’s Dynasty Kitchen Shift

Kamraxn (accompanied by Noobsiance) attended a shift at Jimmu’s Dynasty Kitchen. Candidate Kam met with the owner and had a few remarks. During the shift he also met with an FNN Employee to discuss a possible event with them. Special thanks to Jimmu’s for their endorsement. We will ensure your business’s success during our time as Governor

Grace Bible Church Sermon

Grace Bible Church Sermon

On August 27th, Kam and his team joined the Grace Church Sermon hosted by Pastor dannybec. During the election season, we understand that there are tensions between people. It is important that we remain peaceful during the shift of power. We’d like to the Pastor dannybec for brining the community together and helping people express their faith!

God Bless Firestone.

Campaign Press Secretary

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Something cool that has never been done before is happening possibly this weekend so keep an eye out for that.

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