Judicial Disqualification Act

Judicial Disqualification Act


SECTION 1: Judges shall Disqualify themselves from a case in the following circumstance:

1A: Where the judge has personal bias or prejudice concerning a party; Knowing Knowledge of disputed evidentiary facts concerning the proceeding.

1B: Where the judge had practiced as a lawyer in matter of the controversy.

1C: Where the judge had served in a department, agency or branch in a span of no more than 180 days shall be, but not limited to: Congress; Courts; Firestone State Patrol; Stapleton County Sheriff’s Office; Firestone National Guard; Firestone Department of Homeland Security.

SECTION 2: Judges shall be required to recuse themselves from such case if a circumstance is met.

SECTION 3: Recuse shall be defined as disqualify; Disqualify shall be defined as not eligible to claim a case.

SECTION 4: Departments, Agencies and Branches shall be defined as;
Firestone State Patrol: Firestone State Patrol - Roblox;
Firestone National Guard Firestone National Guard - Roblox ;
Stapleton County Sheriff’s Office: Stapleton County Sheriff's Office - Roblox ;
Firestone Department of Homeland Security: Firestone Department of Homeland Security - Roblox ;
Firestone Courts: Firestone Courts - Roblox;
Firestone Congress: Firestone State Legislature - Roblox;

SECTION 5: The Firestone Judicial Branch shall enforce this legislation

SECTION 6: This amendment shall go into immediate effect upon being passed by both houses of Congress.

SECTION 7: Any legislation that is in conflict with this legislation shall be declared null and void.

Respectively submitted to the Congress of the State of Firestone,

Chief Sponsors:
Senator MrEmote,
DOJ Chief Public Defender Rafael_Barb

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