Job Listing: Prominence Library

Job Listing: Prominence Library - DCL & Supervisors

With our recent re-establishment, the Prominence Library is seeking hardworking citizens to fill four supervisory vacancies.


Deputy Chief Librarian
Responsible for aiding the Chief Librarian in his duties and overseeing Supervisors. Updates and maintains documentation, conducts activity checks, approves hirings, and organizes events for the library alongside the Chief Librarian.

Supervisor of Publications
In charge of the Publications Department and maintaining the Prominence Library Publications Trello board. The Publications Department is responsible for approving or rejecting publication submissions from the general public and ensuring that the library has a wide range of biographies, expositories, poems, narratives, and other forms of media and books.

Supervisor of Community Engagement
In charge of the Community Engagement Department. Responsible for thinking of ideas for, and hosting events at the library in-game. This is the library’s largest department, and would involve the most responsibility.

Supervisor of Correspondence
In charge of the Correspondence Department. Responsible for all correspondence and public releases, including the library’s monthly press release. Aids the Chief Librarian & DCL in updating and maintaining records and archives.


Applicants must be citizens of the State of Firestone with minimal arrests (we will reject applicants with any unexpunged felony arrests and convictions). Applicants must be active and willing to dedicate time to setting up and ensuring the activity of their department (or, for the Deputy Chief Librarian, the library as a whole).

To apply, join the Prominence Library discord server and contact Chief Librarian T_xom (athena8500) with the following information:

  • Roblox username
  • Position that you are applying for
  • Experience & involvement in Firestone
  • Experience & involvement in libraries or similar fields on Roblox (optional, if applicable)
  • Why you should be chosen for the position
  • Your plans and goals for the library
  • Any other necessary information, ideas, or comments

Further questions may be asked of you after you submit your application, and you will be screened for prior history of rulebreaking, lawlessness, or misconduct. If you have any questions or concerns, contact the Chief Librarian.

The application deadline is currently May 20th, though may be extended depending on the number of applicants.




I support this


Deadline extended to May 26th


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All positions filled except for Supervisor for Community Engagement.

Prominence Library.

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