Job Listing: District of Prominence - District Clerk

District of Prominence - District Clerk Position

The District of Prominence is hiring to fill the District Clerk position, a member of the Mayor’s Executive Staff.

The responsibilities of the District Clerk include but are not limited to the following

  • Managing and upkeeping District Trello boards
  • Correctly archiving legislative sessions
  • Managing session transcripts
  • Managing a team of Assistant Clerks
  • Keep Trello updated with aforementioned transcripts
  • Add new legislation and documents to Trello
  • and more
Examples of Trello boards you will be expected to manage

Office of the Mayor Board
District Records Board
District Council Board
District Charter Board

If you are interested in this position, please contact MonkeyLikesCaprisun (@hb50 on Discord) with a short resume outlining applicable experience to this position.

This is a great opportunity to kickstart your career in municipal-level government or government in general. If interested, please submit your short resume by 3/22/2024.

Thank you,

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Woah, you guys should apply!

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Position filled- nikozoomalt.