Jackson026, County Executive

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Introduction and Basic Information


**My name is Jackson026, and I hereby announce my canidacy for Stapleton County Executive.** Some of you may know me, some of you may not. Allow me to provide you with some context and background of who I am and where I stand in the State of Firestone. I joined the State of Firestone for going on about  a year and a half now, maybe a bit longer. Shortly after earning citizenship in the state, I went to the Firestone Peace Officer Standards and Training academy, where I **graduated out of Class 4.** From there, **I went into law enforcement with the Firestone State Patrol,** working as a State Trooper for about a year, if not longer. I then took a break from ROBLOX, retiring from FSP as a Captain. I then came back some months later and served in other agencies such as the **Firestone Department of Homeland Security** as a Federal Protective Service Officer, the **Stapleton County Sheriff’s Office** as a Deputy Sheriff, and the **Firestone Bureau of Investigation**, resigning as Assistant Special Agent in Charge of one of the then three divisions. I also was previously in the **Firestone National Guard** before ending my term of enlistment, leaving as a Specialist. 


Some of you may ask what qualifies me to run for County Executive or any governmental position. I am **presently an Arborfield City Councilman**, and I have **written quite a few bills for the city**, as well as rewriting an entire city charter for the city, consisting of approximately 17 pages (can be found here: https://goo.gl/z4JKpJ). In previous groups, I served as a **City Councilman in the City of Norfolk**, before Firestone came about, and I also have a **general knowledge and understanding of the law and government**, both in the State of Firestone and in real life. Back when the Bar Exam was present in the State, I did pass the Bar and I was a **State Certified Attorney**, though I need to retake the newer exam to regain my attorney status. Through my experience both in law enforcement and as city council, I have the **ability to make knowledgeable and necessary decisions** for the well-being of others and the success of the agency, in this particular case, the county, that I work on behalf of. 


As far as my goals if elected County Executive, I’ll lay these out rather simply:

Reorganize, revise, and reestablish municipal governments as to promote a better system of government within the county. The municipal governments will be tasked with creating local ordinances that will affect their city or district specifically, such as parking regulations, or nuisance ordinances, or anything that is not covered at the county or state level.

Work concurrently with the Stapleton County Sheriff and SCFD Fire Chief to ensure that both agencies are providing the very best services to the residents of Stapleton County. I plan to work to involve the community more with both agencies and create better relations as a whole between the community and the emergency services.

Create more opportunities for residents of Stapleton County. I’d personally like to see our current resturants and stores be staffed with workers and introduce that authentic role play experience for those that want that. I’d like to introduce city and/or countywide events, such as picnics or meet-and-greets with the businesses, emergency services, and residents of Stapleton County.

Enforce a standard of activity and decisiveness with the County Council in order to ensure that necessary bills are being addressed. I will not tolerate inactive council members, nor indecisive council members. I’ve been there as city council, and I’ve dealt with it. It’s not good for getting things done, and it will not be accepted.

Be a voice for the residents that I work on behalf of. I want to listen to your concerns and what you feel is good, bad, okay, needs work, and so on. Let me know what you think should be done or not done to make Stapleton County a better place for you to live, play, learn, and so on. I will say this as a preface though, simply because you contact me in regard to something does not mean that it will be implemented. Just be aware of that.


In other news, I know some of you are probably thinking along the lines of ‘Every candidate says what they’re going to do and they never get anything done.’ I would say this is true to a certain extent with some former County Executives, and I completely understand where it would be reasonable to assume the same for me. However, I’m not here for a rank, I’m not here for publicity, I’m not here because I love politics. I am **here because I want to bring more realism and more interaction between the Stapleton County Government and the SC residents to light.** Honestly speaking, I don’t like politics. It is oftentimes a lot of arguing, a lot of not getting much of anything done, and a lot of broken promises. I will do my very best to not be that politician that I speak of, because that’s not why I’m here. I would like to make a difference, and **if you believe that to be true, vote Jackson026 for County Executive in this upcoming election.** 

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FS House of Rep.

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Considering there is lots of good candidates on this election, I urge that you run for County Council if you do not win the election – the council needs capable councilmen!

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If I don’t win County Executive, my feelings won’t be hurt. I will run for Arborfield City Mayor if I’m not elected to CE. Not very interested in County Council, but thank you for your suggestion.

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Support and endorsed. :+1:

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Firestone State Patrol Major

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Elections over.

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I’ll keep it listed so people can see.

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