Introducing Firestone Forums App

This is an app provided by Discourse

Discourse provides an application for both iOS and Android for users to easily access any discourse-related forums on the go. This thread will serve as a purpose to guide the audience on how to install the Discourse app and activate Firestone Forums. There is another alternative to this that will save memory at the end.

Discourse App

this tutorial is shown through iOS and Android

1. Open the App Store and download “Discourse App”

2. After downloading the “Discourse App” and opening it, you should see a button “+Add your first site.” Press that button.

3. At the top, you should see a bar where you put in the forum url. Input “

4. Once you’ve completed that, you should see a “connect” button next to the State of Firestone Forums frame. Press that button to log into the forums and enable app usage.

5. Input your username and password, then click authorize to allow the app to have access to your account to use the forums.

6. You are now ready to use the application and browse through the forum. Your main screen should look like this:

Alternative #1

1. In Safari (or any other default browser), go to “

2. From the center bottom of the screen, press the box with an arrow pointing upwards. Find the button “Add to Home Screen.”

3. Press “Add to Home Screen” and title your application appropriately.

4. You should now see the application under your home screen.

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I’m Sam and I approve of this announcement

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I’m Tom Bodet and we’ll keep the light on for you


wow super interesting!

Is this still real?

this is a thing? I just used chrome to make the app lol

You can still do this. I have done this on my phone and it works 100%!

i added to homescreen a few months ago :eyes:

this is still a thing but normal users “don’t have api access” so they can’t use the app. you can use the ‘pin to home screen’ thing since that’s basically just a web browser.

it asked me for my social security and credit card number but the app works! but for some reason my banks been calling me since 6 am