Increasing roleplay for LEOS and Criminals

Firestone was formerly a fun place for both leos and criminals to roleplay in however me and others have completely lost hope in firestone. To start off there are very few criminals now what happened you may ask, well they were pushed out of the game due to toxicity and rule changes. Now I want someone to explain how fucking tape and cones can block off a heavy vehicle moving at high speeds. To my knowledge, it used to be frp to block road cones as any vehicle can quickly take out a cone in real life. What happened to this rule when it comes to bank robberies? Now, this has stopped almost all income of criminals, while on the other hand cops keep making the same amount of money as before. Leos have mainly complained about the roleplay in the game going down and that there are “no longer any good criminals”. Well, the game mostly revolves around the economy and cops are still getting paid so they practically have an incentive to keep going with good roleplay. on the other hand, criminals get 10 dollars per minute this meaning they would have to spend around 5 hours in-game to get a decent gun that they stand a chance with. Along with our main income source being almost completely cut off by leos making bank robberies almost impossible. No matter how much planning a criminal does their plan will instantly fall apart when their getaway driver is cuffrushed for “ramming the scene” as they are just trying to aid the robber in getting away. You may say “well just drive your own car out” allow me to ask you this have you driven through solid tape that won’t budge as your escaping from 7 people shooting at your vehicle, right no. My overall point is that there is no longer an incentive for criminals to roleplay and the game is slowly losing its criminals for multiple reasons.


tehres been like 500 posts about this


scribz right, its becoming more functionality than roleplay

v3 is almost here

the heat death of the universe is just around the corner guys!

And nothing has been done about it??

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Yeah, it turns 2100 next year guys’

not including the moment they use it, someone is bound to kill/arrest them

What do you mean…?

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