Impeachment on the Table?

Good afternoon fellow Firestone Citizens,

Many are concerned following the day’s events. We have lost two secretaries to this administration.

As announcements have claimed, they were “mutually” agreed resignations…personally I do not believe this. It seems as though the administration’s goals came true - and DHS Secretary Richie_Bear and DPS Secretary 69superman have been lost. But the bigger question is - were they actually forced out.

The rumors have been circulating, yet we have a terrible statement from the administration. In my personal opinion, he (the Governor of this Great State) is forcing out longtime service members to the state, something at least some would view as unreasonable actions of a sitting governor. Honestly, a tyrant like.

I am not any legal expert nor am I a congressional expert, but I wish that our elected representatives and senators look into these matters further. Should it be found out that these individuals were forced from their positions, I believe that impeachment could very well be on the table. This administration is trying to purposefully cause deception amongst the ranks, our state will suffer for this.

You elected him. But did you know at what cost? It is easy to ask now - who is next on the chopping block for this administration? Who is next to be booted out the door.

Did we as Firestone citizens make the right decision this past election? It seems we did not. I call upon our congressional members to do what is right.


p.s. “its very sus”


no it couldn’t – the governor has the right to fire his advisors (these ‘advisors’ being the cabinet and sub-cabinet). offering them resignation to avoid ignominy is a common courtesy when the poor conduct is very minor or nil.

if the resignations were forced or not, or if the governor should have done it, is more of a matter for the court of public opinion and not congress

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I spoke with 69superman and he understands the situation and he responded in #state-announcements

As for Secretary Richie_Bear, we worked together with him and dismissal would be the very last option we would do. We ultimately came to an agreement together that he would step down.

Myself and CoolPilotCaio1 hold our cabinet to a high standard, and we are willing to work with them. We do not go with the full intention of removing someone. It was said in our campaign that we will work with and not have the idea of going right for dismissal.


sym might have done something fucking stupid, but at the same time that really isn’t grounds for impeachment. However shitty it might’ve been it really cannot lead to impeachment unless something more occurred on top of that.

If you’d like more information visit Article 1 Section 6 Subsection 4 of FS constitution

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“In drafting charges of impeachment, they may only extend to that of treason, bribery, gross misconduct, ineptitude, neglect of duty, or commission of a felony or misdemeanour as defined by law.” - C.I.VI(iv). Well well well, it seems “making a political decision I disagree with” isn’t grounds for impeachment under the Constitution. While, pursuant to judicial ethics laws, I am not making commentary on the choices made by the Governor, nor commentating in debate on the views expressed herein, I will comment on the legal and civic side of this. The power of impeachment is a drastic power used to defend our republic against a severe, internal threat: tyrants, corrupt officials, abject retards, etc. It is not a power meant to be used, or even suggested, just because you have a minor political disagreement. To suggest such is to threaten the republic.


This is not an impeachable offence???


This is mere politics. I cannot comment on the matter in detail, but this isn’t anything that hasn’t been done before, and is something that’s done irl relatively frequently - it’s seen as the nicer option to offer instead of dismissal.


wolf is an expert on cabinet dismissal


I am, call me as an expert witness for it the next time you sue someone <3


Governor should be able to pick his own cabinet members based on how they work. If goals don’t align with what the Governor wants, I see no reason for them to not get forcefully put out or fired.


Remember when Commerce Secretary FrancisHUnderwood got “forced out” by the Governor? Francis was a long-time secretary of commerce and he decided to run for governor against his own boss, and when he lost, he was removed.

This is how politics works. It isn’t impeachable, it is how it works in real life and in Firestone.


but most likely the reason they are not terminating but asking for resignation if they have no evidence of reprehensible misconduct, avoid some type of lawsuit exposure or place you in a weaker position if you were to sue them for wrongful termination (constructive discharge and termination are effectively the same/equal)

sounds like he did something egregious if the governor is forcing him to resign but thats beside the point

let them fire you. they can shoulder the legal exposure


the governor can dismiss his cabinet for any reason he wants to (so long as it isn’t based on race, age, gender, or sexual orientation) so it would not be a legal issue, maybe a pissbaby issue that’s abt it


So long as they don’t say that’s the reason. They can just say “cause I want to” even if it was for one of those reasons.


put him in a peach!


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