Impeachment of Sub-Cabinet Member WaterLostic

Impeachment of Sub-Cabinet Member, WaterLostic

Be it enacted by the State of Firestone House of Representatives and Senate hereby assembled:

Section 1: Sub-Cabinet member WaterLostic shall hereby be relieved of his duties.

Section 1A: WaterLostic shall be defined as: Water - Roblox

Section 2: Sub-Cabinet member WaterLostic shall be impeached from his position as Sub-Cabinet for the infringement of “Another Bill to Define and Make Disorderly Conduct Illegal”; This bill states:

“SECTION 1: Disorderly conduct shall be declared illegal in the State of Firestone.

SECTION 1A: Disorderly conduct shall be defined as: “Without legal justification, unruly behavior which disturbs, offends, intimidates, or creates a general disorder to others in public.”

SECTION 1B: This shall include, but not be limited to: Attempting or succeeding in glitching other’s vehicles, indecently exposing oneself in public, relieving oneself in public or about a public way, and threats to others.”

Included in the evidence listed below, WaterLostic obstructed this bill, as he threatened to impeach the Sheriff of the Stapleton County Sheriff’s Office, and halt all SCSO HICOM Operations while misusing his powers as the Deputy Secretary of the Firestone Department of Safety.

Section 2A: Evidence of WaterLostic violating “Another Bill to Define and Make Disorderly Conduct Illegal” be ascertained in the evidence listed below:

(Provides links to photographs of WaterLostic in private DM’s)

(Provides links and descriptions of pictures of WaterLostic delivering statements in private DM’s as well as public communications.)

Section 3: This impeachment shall be enforced by the Governor of the State of Firestone.

Section 4: This impeachment shall go into effect immediately upon passing the House of Representatives and the Senate.

Section 5: All legislation in conflict with this impeachment is hereby declared null and void.

Respectfully submitted to the State of Firestone House of Representatives and Senate,

Representative, TitanNation
FBI Deputy Director, markehabashi
Cabinet, Straphos


Senator, TheBloxKiller123

Representative, thefancyman143

SCSO Sheriff, Tacticalwhale21
SCSO Sergeant, Kasterix
SCSO Deputy First Class, BangaBus_Quit
SCSO Deputy, GTmustangBOSS
Former SCSO Lieutenant, Mxtt_Bear

DOJ Chief Public Defender, xKoytoPenguin

FBI Assistant Special Agent in Charge, Nexuls
FBI Special Agent, Universal_Slug

Former DoC Sergeant, Jake25

Citizen, Noice_Dev

(If you wish to Co-Sponsor put so in the respective chat, or DM me on Discord, TitanNation#6066)

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