Impeachment of Senator T_xom

Impeachment of Senator T_xom

State of Firestone
July 1st, 2024

Be it enacted by the House of Representatives of the State of Firestone, hereby assembled that:

§1. Definitions

(a) “T_xom” shall be defined here

(b) “A House Resolution to Establish an Impeachment Inquiry into T_xom” shall be defined here

(c) “Firestone Legislation Server” shall be defined here


(a) Senator T_xom shall be impeached and if successfully convicted by the Senate, removed from office.


(a) Senator T_xom is charged with and accused of Ineptitude and Gross Misconduct.


(a) The evidence for the impeachment shall be as follows:

(b) Testimonies from T_xom, the_rpman, joshernaut, scriblelz, zepinspector in the Firestone Legislation Server pertaining to A House Resolution to Establish an Impeachment Inquiry into T_xom.

(c) Screen capture - 6739fe7fa3da0e8eb8ddcaa3382940a5 - Gyazo

(d) Screenshot - c0920e876ff87fdc5109f02afa1ec8b5 - Gyazo

(e) JUmmu scrib - Clipped with


(g) Screen capture - a66982c68da6ba4003bc6477a45173bf - Gyazo

(h) Untitled - Clipped with

(i) Untitled - Clipped with

(j) Screenshot - d66af40dc24d13b4d4969eb38b5303a8 - Gyazo


(a) Witnesses of this impeachment are as follows: T_xom, scriblelz, zepinspector, joshernaut, the_rpman.

Speaker Pro Tempore legaalsp


Representative MysticalSolvian

Representative Stealthsniper292

Representative Hmmm_poul

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