Impeachment of BLEE Member Skeletron19YT

Impeachment of BLEE Member Skeletron19YT

State of Firestone
July 2nd, 2024

§1. Definitions

(a) “Skeletron19YT” or shall be defined here

(b) “A House Resolution to Establish an Impeachment Inquiry into Skeletron19YT” shall be defined here

(c) “Firestone Legislation Server” shall be defined here

(d) “An Act to Regulate Legal Practice” shall be definedhere


(a) BLEE Member Skeletron 19YT shall be impeached and if successfully convicted by the Senate, removed from their position on the Board of Legal Examiners and Ethics as defined in “An Act to Regulate Legal Practice.”


(a) BLEE Member Skeletron19YT is charged with and accused of ineptitude and neglect of duty.


The evidence for the impeachment shall be as follows:

(a) Testimonies from Skeletron19YT, AydenJulien, SirCalebWrightXVI, and cosmicanimals1234 in the Firestone Legislation Server pertaining to A House Resolution to Establish an Impeachment Inquiry into Skeletron19YT.

(b) Screenshot - 948b8932b0d9ab43b186970d2262b125 - Gyazo

(c) Trello


(a) Witnesses of this impeachment are as follows: Skeletron19YT, AydenJulien, SirCalebWrightXVI, Cosmicanimals1234


Speaker Pro Tempore legaalsp


Representative MysticalSolvian

Representative Hmmm_poul

Representative Stealthsniper292

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