Idea - Creation of the Federal (State) Reserve in Firestone

Idea - Creation of the Federal (State) Reserve in Firestone.

I thought of this idea recently I think it would allow for some great government RP. The Federal Reserve (Monetary Policy) could work with Congress/The Governor (Fiscal Policy) to promote growth, employment, etc… They would also work with the Department of Commerce. I think a lot of people who love economics would see the benefit of this being added. It would also allow people who love economics to use their passion in Firestone. Just an Idea don’t flame me too hard. Any questions DM divine#6650, wrote this pretty quick.

Bill Proposal:

Title: Establishment of the Federal (State) Reserve in Firestone

Purpose: To establish a central bank in Firestone to provide stability to the economy and monitor key economic indicators such as CPI (aka inflation) and unemployment.


The “Federal Reserve of Firestone” shall be created as the central bank of the game, with a mandate to maintain price stability and promote sustainable economic growth.

The Federal Reserve shall be responsible for monitoring key economic indicators such as the consumer price index (CPI), unemployment rate, and other relevant measures of economic activity.

The Federal Reserve shall have the power to conduct monetary policy operations such as open market operations, discount window lending, and reserve requirements.

The Federal Reserve shall have the power to set interest rates to influence the economy and maintain price stability. (If developed could be how much is being loaned out to businesses)

The Federal Reserve shall be required to report regularly to the game’s government and provide updates on economic indicators and monetary policy decisions.

The Federal Reserve shall be governed by a board of directors appointed by the game’s government, with expertise in economics, finance, and related fields.


The establishment of the Federal Reserve in Firestone would provide stability to the game’s economy, help control inflation, and promote sustainable economic growth. The reporting of key economic indicators such as CPI and unemployment would allow players to make more informed decisions about their businesses, investments, and other economic activities in the game.


sorry what

the fsd is not going to decrease in value because a business didn’t sell enough sweets and 3 employees resigned, the only time the price of something changed was when there was an oil shortage and gas cost 6 fsd per gallon

when @Silv3_r became commerce for a day his idea of adding LITERALLY THIS SUGGESTION was shut down within minutes by those in the discord

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Fair enough. I was unaware someone had brought up this idea before. I think it could work without any in game development but obviously it wouldn’t hurt. As I said previously its just an idea, but I do believe if done correctly it could add some great government RP.


gl convincing fed




points for effort and imagination but realistically I don’t see this working very well on roblox. It seems overcomplicated for a block game and I don’t think there’s enough people competent in finance and economics stuff. i could be wrong though

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Firestone is not the game for this, quite literally the opposite.

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the game economy doesn’t exist. you literally earn money for spending time in game, you also loose it when you die. inflation never existed (i mean gas prices were up one time because of cgf). there is no taxation in the state of firestone because its prohibited by the constiution. firestone is an opposite of advanced economy mechanics


cool idea but firestone doesnt even really have a functioning enough economy to need its own fed.

if we ever get to the point of where we introduce credit and stock trade lets revisit this idea


what i never said that; fs currency is artificially inflation-immune because of development reasons. only reason prices ever change, like u said, are by developer interference, which in a real life economy would be equivalent to an act of god (or perhaps a cartel)

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Yeah I 100% agree that at the moment Firestone does not have a functioning enough economy to need a federal reserve. Fed already shot down the idea which is fine but I wanted to bring it up because I thought having a monthly report on the unemployment/employment numbers and other economic indicators in firestone could be helpful. Also would add some great RP. Ig it would be a mesh of the Fed and Bureau of Labor Statistics.

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no thanks

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Not needed.


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