Iconic Press Release #5

Iconic Association Press Release 03/01/2023 - 03/31/2023


Main Announcements:

  • Iconic attends Iconic Association event held behind the Car Dealership. We had a great time answering questions from civilians and selling them food. (03/05/2023)
  • Iconic receives an advertisement sign on the 401 highway towards Prominence thanks to the Firestone development team. (03/08/2023)
  • Iconic expands its operations to the City of Vancouver. Anyone wanting to work for the Iconic Vancouver branch should apply using the same application and writing “VANCOUVER” in the comments. (03/27/2023)
  • Iconic hosts a 2-month Xbox Gamepass Ultimate funded by @Maxofamillion2. For a chance to win, join the Iconic Discord Server and direct yourself to the #announcements channel. (03/27/2023)

Hot Bloxton

Main Announcements

  • Hot Bloxton applications are open 24/7. Apply here!
  • Hot Bloxton attends Iconic Association event held behind the Car Dealership. (03/05/2023)

Pigeon Kebabs

Firestone Main Announcements

  • Pigeon Kebab terminates contract with Global Protective Services due to the company shutting down permanently. (03/04/2023)
  • Pigeon Kebabs extends its operations to Greendale thanks to the Firestone development team. (03/08/2023)
  • An active bomb was discovered at Pigeon Kebabs which forced the Redwood location to close. A public statement from the owner, spidermanIunchbox, was released in the Pigeon Kebabs Discord Server. (03/12/2023)
  • Pigeon Kebabs attends Greendale Block Party hosted by Scriblelz Animal Food & Co. (03/18/2023)
  • Pigeon Kebabs becomes the biggest business in Firestone due to the dissolvement of Capital Gas of Firestone. (03/29/2023)

Vancouver Main Announcements

  • Pigeon Kebabs receives a new Pigeon Lamb Kebab, Pigeon Beef Burger and a Pigeon Classic Kebab tool at their Vancouver property. (03/04/2023)
  • Pigeon Kebabs partners with Narov Corporation, a security company, in hopes of reducing gun crimes occuring at their Vancouver location. (03/19/2023)
  • Pigeon Kebabs receives food truck added by the Vancouver development team. (03/19/2023)
  • Pigeon Kebabs receives 8 new beverage tools at their Vancouver location. (03/19/2023)
  • Pigeon Kebabs receives Dondurma, Kebab Skewers and Fry Basket tools at their Vancouver location. Fry basket is for employee use only. (03/25/2023)
  • Pigeon Kebabs wins the Latest Addition Favourite, Most Active Business, Most Notable Business Owner and the Fan Favourite award during the Vancouver Business Awards. View the award transcript here. (03/25/2023)
  • Pigeon Kebabs terminates partnership with Sportiez due to unprofessionalism, incompetence, and a lack of organization. (03/27/2023)

Mutual Main Announcements

  • JustSunnyD is promoted to Head Shift Supervisor. Congrats! (03/04/2023)
  • The Pigeon Kebabs ROBLOX Group reaches 200 members. (03/13/2023)
  • Pigeon Kebabs begins in-game interviews which will occur every week. (03/14/2023)
  • The Firestone Secretary Of State and the Firestone Secretary of Commerce visited Pigeon Kebabs with the Vancouver Deputy Mayor and the Chief Of Staff for discussions on foreign relations. (03/25/2023)
  • Pigeon Kebabs undergoes an internal restructure to bring forward a new and active command structure. More information is in this press release. (03/30/2023)

Pigeon Kebabs Internal Command Restructure

MYPLY, Jaydendenis, Officer_Tom12, iienf, OreoXapple and coolguyanthonyishere were all promoted to Shift Supervisor and are now part of the Pigeon Kebabs Administration Team. Meanwhile, GoProDojo and TMacenoob4v1 were both promoted to Senior Employee which enables them to drive the food truck. Congrats to all!


Main Announcements

  • Sandwich applications are open 24/7! Apply here.


Main Announcements

(Purposefully left blank)

Spark’s Snow

Main Announcements

  • Spark’s Snow attends Iconic Association event held behind the Car Dealership. (03/05/2023)


Main Announcements

  • Sweetify applications are currently open. Feel free to apply here.
  • BizzareAshton is appointed as the new Head Chef. (03/05/2023)
  • Sweetify acquires their new location in Old Town Greendale. (03/12/2023)
  • Sweetify attends Greendale Block Party hosted by Scriblelz Animal Food & Co. (03/18/2023)
  • JustSunnyD becomes the business representative for Sweetify. (03/18/2023)

Maxofamillion2, Iconic Public Relations

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