Iconic Press Release #4

Iconic Press Release Week of 1/23/22-1/29/22

Main Announcments

  • Iconic now opened a sub-company! Sandwich! More information is listed in this article.
  • Iconic now has slushies, they come in 3 flavors.
  • Iconic v Spark’s Snow. More information is listed in this article.
  • New PR Director
  • Iconic wins the Redwood business award!
  • Iconic has hit over 70 employees!

Iconic v Spark’s Snow

On Monday, Iconic declared war on Spark’s Snow due to Spark’s Snow saying they are a better company. Iconic was deployed to Envtops to fight Spark’s Snow. Yeanlingspark99 stole Iconic employees to fight against Iconic in hopes of winning, however Iconic still won. People started taking this seriously, but this is ALL a JOKE. If you are still not convinced, Iconic is partnered with Spark’s Snow, they share an underground pipe to bring the slushies from Spark’s Snow and the owner of Spark’s Snow is the Leader of Team 1 at Iconic. We hope this clarified some things.

Iconic’s sub-company, Sandwich

Last Thursday, Iconic decided to spread it’s wings and start a sub-company. Sandwich is a sandwich company which provides the citizens of Firestone with food. It’s director is @Stratgic Responses and Bearzno. You can apply to work at Sandwich here.

Maxofamillion2, Public Relations


We got the John D. Rockefeller of fast food over here


iconic may expand into the cafe industry soon


And maybe into the pizza industry, the donut industry, the fish industry… Who knows?

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Oh wait, Sandwich is taking over a donut shop https://twitter.com/SandwichFS/status/1487185065285197835

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