Iconic Press Release #20

Triweekly Iconic Press Release of 5/05/2022 - 5/25/2022

Main announcements:

  • Benches have been installed in Iconic’s prominence location.
  • FoxyTheWereFox has been reinstated as tactical security supervisor! Welcome back to Iconic!
  • Applications were fixed due to a problem on our end. Feel free to apply.
  • Iconic hosts a bike race on the 18th of June, tune into the release for more information about the race.

Iconic Bike Race Aftermath

On 6/18/22 Iconic had held a bike race with assistance from the Department of Public Works. Issues occurred throughout the race and they led to a second race. However, after looking at evidence of the first round finishers, Iconic used those results which resulted in ryanwilson747 receiving 1st place, nirful 2nd and DanielAntonucci 3rd. Many businesses and personals partnered with Iconic to make this race a reality. For 1st place, Capital Gas of Firestone offered 10k FSD, Generic Burger offered a free meal and 3k FSD, Tamehkd offered 15k FSD, and Metro State Security offered a free 2 hour protection service. Iconic offered 200 Robux, Generic Burger 2k FSD, Tamehkd offered 4K FSD and Sandwich offered free cookies for 2nd place. 3rd place prizes included 100 Robux from Iconic, 1k FSD from Generic Burger, 3k FSD from Tamehkd and a free cookie at Sandwich. Overall, this event was a huge success and Iconic wishes to host similar events like this in the future.

Maxofamillion2 & JustSunnyD, Iconic Public Relations



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Absolute worst idea this company can make!!! Leadership should resign!!!


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At least I’ve helped create a functioning business, don’t think the same can be said for any of your ventures


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Key word

luv u too

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