Iconic Press Release #15

Iconic Press Release “Fortnight” of 4/18/2022 - 5/01/2022

Main announcements

  • Employee Neem_Meen has received a promotion to Senior Employee, Congratulations!
  • Iconic receives a visit from the District of Prominence Mayor
  • Gas leak at Iconic. More information in this press release.
  • Iconic endorses DyingSym and Ash1835 for Governor and Lt Governor.
  • Iconic Cheri Slushie recipe shared. You can view it here.

Recap of the Gas Leak at Iconic

On April 17th, 2022 the shift was merely ending until one employee had smelled gas. Moments after, Capital Gas was called. They quickly arrived on scene although they were too late, at approx 12:07 AM Iconic had exploded. EMS was called down and quickly arrived, both Iconic employees were checked for any injuries. Luckily, both employees were checked and found to be OK by EMS. Capital Gas worked quickly to determine the source of the explosion. After all the chaos erupted, Capital Gas had begun repairs while the Department of Public Works had cleaned the rubble. Finally at 10:57 AM, the cleanup was completed and the repairs were successful.

Maxofamillion2 & JustSunnyD, Iconic Public Relations

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I found a coupon in my fng barrack saying “1 free milkshake 16 oz” but it’s expired. can you honor it?


I’ll arrange a new one for ya


Thank you, Staff Sergeant!

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