Iconic Association Press Release #2

im late again, monthly press releases starting the new year

Iconic Association Press Release 9/22/2022 - 12/31/2022


Main Announcements:

  • Iconic Public Relations Applications are indefinitely open. Feel free to apply here.
  • Iconic has received and processed more than 300 applications since their founding! (11/14/2022)
  • StrategicResponses resigns as Team 3 Crew Leader, o7. (11/30/2022)
  • Iconic announces that Team 3 employees will be merged with the other teams instead of opening Crew Leader applications open. Team 4 is now called Team 3 which is headed by @Maxofamillion2. (12/18/2022)
  • Iconic opens the Employee Awards form. Fill it out here. Results will be announced in the new year. (12/22/2022)
  • To wrap up the year, shift activity from July through December is available for viewing in this Press Release (our January through May archives burned :sob: :sob:).

Shift Activity

Location Total June July August September October November December
Monthly Total 74 7 24 18 5 7 5 8
Prominence 43 3 14 11 3 4 5 3
Redwood 28 3 9 7 2 2 0 5
Food Truck 3 1 1 0 0 1 0 0

Hot Bloxton

Main Announcements

  • The Hot Bloxton Automation bot replaces most automation in the discord server. (10/26/2022)
  • The Hot Bloxton Public Relations Dashboard has been created. Feel free to view it here. (11/30/2022)

Pigeon Kebabs

Main Announcements

  • Pigeon Kebabs replaces their parking lot with a pond. (10/28/2022)
  • Redwood Mayor, FrostExpresso, awards Pigeon Kebabs the City Business Award. (11/04/2022)
  • Pigeon Kebabs marks their 2 year anniversary. Congratulations! (11/22/2022)


Main Announcements

  • StrategicReponses resigns as Owner of the Firestone Sandwich Franchise. (11/27/2022)
  • emizlyy and zobie126 are promoted to Franchise Owner and Co-Owner. (11/27/2022)
  • Sandwich introduces two new employee roles. The Team Lead role which is above sandwich maker and the Shift Manager role which manages a store, hosts shifts and trains people. (11/30/2022)
  • Kyhuls and holyros11 are promoted to Shift Manager.


Main Announcements

  • The Welp board was raided by someone sending around 600 reviews. The form is now closed until further notice. (11/27/2022)

Spark’s Snow

Main Announcments

  • Spark’s Snow joins Iconic Association. (9/18/2022)
  • Spark’s Snow Director, yeanlingspark99, resigns. (9/29/2022)
  • SimulationCode becomes the new director of Spark’s Snow.

Maxofamillion2, Iconic Public Relations


wooo I love the iconic association!


Terrible organization, they denied my free milkshake coupon because it expired 9 years ago

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On behalf of the Iconic Association, we apologise for any upset this may have caused, however, the Association and its subordinates are entitled to deny your coupon as it expired so long ago. We would be happy to re-issue you a new coupon for a free milkshake at a restaurant of your choosing.


cool statistics


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