Iconic Association Press Release #1

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Iconic Association Summer in Review 6/19/2022 - 9/22/2022


Main Announcements:

  • Iconic Public Relations Applications are indefinitely open. Feel free to apply here.
  • FoxyTheWereFox has returned to Iconic. Welcome back! (6/21/2022)
  • The Iconic Application Tracker returns permanently. You can finally see the status of your application 24/7. (7/12/2022)
  • Iconic attends DOCM Business Fair. More information is in this Press Release. (8/14/2022)
  • Iconic Employee Awards Results released. More information on them is in this Press Release. (7/22/2022)
  • Iconic celebrates National Ice Cream Sandwich Day by making all ice cream free. (8/02/2022)
  • Iconic welcomes Pigeon Kebabs to the Iconic Association. (8/04/2022)
  • Iconic welcomes Hot Bloxton to the Iconic Association. (8/14/2022)
  • Iconic partners with Firestone Parcel Service. View the agreement here. (8/14/2022)
  • Iconic celebrates 2 year anniversary. Thanks for sticking with us for so long! (9/09/2022)
  • yeanlingspark99 resigns as the Team 1 Crew Leader. (9/17/2022)
  • Lixtro1 is appointed the new Team 1 Crew Leader. Congratulations! (9/17/2022)
  • Iconic Security applications close due to a restructure in the division.

DOCM Business Fair

On 08/14/22 Iconic attended the DOCM Business Fair. The Iconic team had a blast and answered questions from curious citizens. Then a fire broke out at the Iconic stand. We ask for your cooperation to find the culprit that caused the fire. If you have any information about the fire please contact Bearzno at bear#6199 on Discord. Below are pictures from the DOCM Business Fair.

Iconic Employee Awards Results

Best Command Employee: bearzno

Best Team Leader: VscoBro6

Best Security Employee: BraddahLL

Best Drive In Crew: Baconman1499

Best Public Relations: KAREEM2610

Most Active Employee: Neem_Meen

The Rule Follower: masc_n

Golden Honorary Employee: Neem_Meen

Congratulations to all who won.

Hot Bloxton

Main Announcements

  • Hot Bloxton joins Iconic Association (8/14/2022)

Pigeon Kebabs

Main Announcements

  • Pigeon Kebabs joins Iconic Association (8/04/2022)
  • Pigeon Kebabs receives a new interior and food design (8/29/2022)
  • Pigeon Kebabs PR Team has gone under Iconic Association (9/02/2022)
  • Pigeon Kebabs discontinues its delivery service (9/16/2022)
  • Pigeon Kebabs is hosting a Chatting Competition, the main price is 20000 - 30000 FSD (9/18/2022)
  • Pigeon Kebabs introduces the Question of the Day feature of their Discord as a part of community engagement (9/18/2022)


Main Announcements

  • Sandwich joins Iconic Association (8/24/2022)


Main Announcements

  • Welp joins Iconic Association (8/24/2022)

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woooo first iconic association press release!!!


who is Baconman1499??


(oh apologies for certain state officials if you think this public relations department is capitalising on the existence of businesses)

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