IbacktheblueLEO for House

Hello! Ladies and gentleman my name is IbacktheblueLEO and I am running for house. In the house I will establish many things such as respect, honor and make sure I perform all duties well. Along with getting the citizens side too. I love Firestone and care for it so we need someone to stand up and say it proud and loud!

Past Political Spots:
I am a former River dale county board member 2x
Former County Commissioner of River Dale
Served Fair Haven as Lt. Governor 3x

My plans for Firestone:

  • I will support Firestone small buisnesses by giving them what they need and funding many of them so they may stride like the others

  • Will adopt new laws that will benefit everyone

  • I will put the CITIZENS first

  • I will listen to your thoughts and concerns

  • I will work with my fellow reps and get their side not just mine because its not always about what you think you need to hear another side of the story.

Why you should vote for me :I will stand up for Firestone in hard times and make sure the citizens get what they deserve. I will love and care for such great people like these amazing citizens. I will make sure that the departments within Firestone are happy with what they have and know there is someone there for them.

Ending Statement: Thank you everyone for your time to read this if you have any question or comments DM at IbacktheblueLEO#5677

Thank you! And always remember “I will put you first”.
Have a great day!

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I support!

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Like what?

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Do you have any experience in Firestone? ex. in jobs, previous government positions

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Wrong category bro. @Kat4Katrina @Samtella Can one of you fix?

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Voting has opened, go vote for a representative.

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