I think it’s time for v3 to get back up to development


Since Fed’s announcement that v2 will be given its love back on April 1st, I think now it’s time to start getting v3 back up to shape. Here’s why I think this should be considered;

It’s never like v2 to be restarted after every few hours, granted it’s understandable since new scripts are placed into an older game. Adding on, as much as optimization is done, it doesn’t fix the overall issue that the game is still laggy. Meanwhile, we have v3 literally just gathering dust as the hope that died down after the beta flop due to issues that can be fixed. V3’s optimization is way better than v2’s and honestly I think now is a good time to plant that seed into everyone’s mind. However what needs to happen to make v3 more enjoyable is to be more secretive such as not showing leaks as often, in order to build up hype. Maybe a subtle leak here and there but not like an entire building or feature that will make people get bored of that the second beta gets its update.

When the Firestone and Ridgeway war concluded a few weeks ago, it opened my eyes and probably the eyes of others as well that Ridgeway’s tech is pretty cool compared to our tech which is old and can get buggy. Don’t get me wrong, however, that the new updates we got were pretty cool such as some new equipment for FNG, a new stadium for different events, and a controversial residence update. Even though we did lose a couple good developers (o7), it shouldn’t set back v3 with the current developers due to them primarily being builders and could be easily replaceable as builders are more easier to find compared to programmers who are talented enough to make games run smoothly and efficiently.

So with these in mind, I believe it is time to start thinking about how to get the ball on v3 rolling. It’s been in development for 5 years now and it needs some fixes alongside adding more departments onto the newer game. It’s about time we realize that v2 is slowly dying gameplay wise such as the game literally has to be resuscitated after every 10-12 hours because it stops loading after some time. V3 is in beta now which should indicate that full release isn’t too far. With this in mind, I would like your thoughts on this.
Disclaimer: This post does not represent me for the departments I serve.

For all my TLDR readers; V2’s aging game is dying and v3 should pick up speed as a result.


Uh… No


Factual statement

Move v3 to v2


This is true but v3 still needs a lot of work

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Enough useless updates

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It does, but doesn’t hurt to add basic functions and add the necessary departments so v3 can pic up playerbase while also slowly phasing out v2

aint reading allat, happy birthday tho

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Lol understandable, ty tho

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