I hate FSP

FSP is just a joke, full-on a disrespectful agency. FSP Troopers called me a Karren but look at her she is the Karren around here, she runs around finding her friend and says this guy keeps asking for my name and call sign and her friend says just tell him, and she puts on Karen’s face. Next, FSP cant park drive over the sidewalk to park, and then disengage there lights, FSP will also detain you for walking to your car or tell you your opinion dosent matter.

Why did you take a this here? Contact a command member for god sake. If that doesn’t work, contact the governor :roll_eyes:


No, the Governor blocked me I chose to take it here so the people are aware of this misconduct.

when grammar hits rock bottom



No… don’t contact Governor lol
You have a whole chain of command to contact in FSP starting with a Sergeant. All the way up to a Colonel. You also have DPS.


something called going to a member of HICOMM. taking it here is just going to make it seem blown out of water for no reason. you do have to realize that some of these people that are LEO’s just are trying to have fun. while they get their job done. if that makes sense. i mean, like i said everyone has their own opinions. but um hate is a very very strong word and you are literally stating that you dislike the misconduct while they are on team. if you hate them you wouldn’t be playing the game. or if you hated them truly you’d be targeting them a lot. AKA shooting them, mass taging trying to just be dumb or something.


this is why i love you LMAOOOOO

tbh they look stupid with facial hair

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5 officers for one person? god that’s excessive use of force right there. no reason for 5 officer’s to be on one pedestrian stop.


i do agree with that.

i also agree with that


I really think we should abolish the facial hair. Makes us look unprofessional tbh

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5 troopers in rw sitting around at cd (wtf go patrol your job isn’t sitting at CD)

(idk how many scso where on but even if there are more than enough scso guys on i still see them in rw)

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thank you fast. something we agree on for the 200th time of knowing each other

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It’s even better when they are everywhere, but not where you need them.

Not all troopers have facial hair, I can confirm since I like being clean shaven, it makes me look more professional. Also, venting here about some incident is low key stupid because it makes you more of a kid and consider the fact that all troopers make mistakes. It is a little excessive to say you hate an entire department just because of one trooper that made a mistake.

Just for the record, FSP stand for Firestone State Patrol, not Firestone State Police

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A Trooper or someone else may move you out of the way if you are blocking them from leaving. Yes, some issues can be clearly seen, but this is when you contact HICOMM. In the vidoes of yours, you mostly seem to act like a baby and you have been doing so lately as well (Not my screenshots):

Let’s grow up and start doing things correctly from now on.

hate to break it to u dude, but ur causing ur own issues. walking towards an officer and refusing to back up is generally taken as a sign of hostility. also per the constitution law enforcement can restrict that sidewalk ur on if there’s an emergency.