How to Moderate

Good evening,

Firestone Forums is one of those forums where the moderators have to keep moderating on a regular basis. It is also one of those places where the administrators have the power to properly regulate moderators and see what is going on. Additionally, we’ve seen moderators that become bored of their job and no longer moderate. Because of this, I am now introducing a permanent moderation application.

The purpose of this is that whenever there is a need for new moderators, I can simply look through all the appropriate resumes and cover letters and handpick one and move forward. Because of the high expections, I will not be describing what is required within the application.

You can find the application here:

There is a maximum limit of 15 moderators on Firestone Forums, including administrators and site moderators. You can see the list of the moderators here: Moderation.

Edit: For clarification, applications that do not pass are deleted from the database and you are not told about it. You are able to submit multiple application (up to 3). You may ask me if your application is still in the database once in a while. If you ask too much, I’ll simply delete your data. Applications that do pass stay in the database until there is a need to select a moderator.

Edit 2: All applicants in the moderator database will be posted below and updated whenever necessary. If you applied and don’t see yourself after the update, you were probably denied.


Wow 15 is the limit, but how many right now??


Maybe 3-5, the moderator group only has 2 people rn so (path and samtella)