How many of you are interested in the full implementation of the Instant-runoff voting system in our Gubernatorial elections?

As many of you may or may not know, Instant-runoff voting is in law right now, but not fully enforced.

Instant-runoff voting works like this, a voter would rank each candidate on the ballot based on the question “Who would you prefer to be in office?”

An example of a ballot would look like this:


[1] NoobletNub & NubNooblet
[2] Sir_Mr & Mr_Sir
[3] OfficierVideoGame & SurrealReality

It will be counted, this flowchart detailing how.

Of course, this system only works with an office with a singular spot, there is another system known as Single Transferable Vote that would work for Congress as needed, but that’s irrelevant right now.

So I’m interested, how many people would be interested in this system, and do they have any questions/concerns about this voting system.

  • Yes, I am interested in the full implementation of the IRV system for our Gubernational elections.
  • No, I prefer First Past the Post (Our current system, majority wins no matter what).
  • No, I prefer an alertnative.

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@OfficerVideoGame Posted a in-depth video on how this system works in FS PRMY channel. It is a great system to better vote for candidates.

Very often, people are caught up voting one person and one person only. This throws votes away more often than not.

If this “priority” voting was implemented (Voting 1st, 2nd, and 3rd choices), then votes would still be represented to an individual even if they weren’t the 1st choice and weren’t a majority.

Anyways, I see this a better way to allow individual votes other than “going with the crowd” as people won’t be afraid of their votes being thrown away.

  • Matt

2 confusing

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its pretty simple to understand.

ill dm anyone who asks me “how” with two great videos showing how it works

STV = IRV btw, IRV is just with 1 position available

STV is a little different. Mainly that the 1st candidate with 50%+ has the extra difference added to other candidates.

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and IRV eliminates it

not a bad system

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oh wait I read it wrong.

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STV is for multi-seat, IRV is for a single seat election. Slight correction.

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Alright here are some videos gowing over the concept in more detail all by the same person: @OfficerVideoGame @NotoriousAmerican @NoobletNub

Yes full support on this

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