Houses and ID

I have two suggestions, make it so you cant rent apartments and houses for the time you join and rent it and you leave it would be a better roleplay area if that’s added, and make it easiter to give ID, so if your holding it and your near someone all you gotta do is press E, so on there body it will say (E) Give ID.

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you literally type “/give id [username]”… idk how much easier it can be

Yeah but a lot of people dont know, and sometimes people with safechat gets it tagged so it would be so easiter just to press ‘‘E’’

nobody likes aigio


i hear they’re decling faster than my bank transactions for spotify premium

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I was not talking or even thinking about aigio, just saying in general somethign like that will be nice @Brentvx

whyd u tag me

what if you’re sitting in a vehicle, the E keybind is already used for the right blinker indicator.

you also cant equip tools in the vehicle if your the driver so…

They can make it so you can equip some items that are very small and reasonable for a example ID

changing some vehicle keybinds can work

Q / E - signals
F - Entering vehicle

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Yes yes yes we need an ID keybind. The amount of times I have to explain /giveid to noobs and they either get it wrong multiple times or dont comprehend what im trying to have them do is infuriating (in their defense its not always their fault but). It’d be so much more convenient for all parties if we could just say “Press F” or whatever. Maybe dont make it so you have to hold the ID though.

As for renting, it’d have to be really cheap if you’re gonna loose it when you leave, especially if it doesn’t serve a particular purpose like storage does. Maybe make it like storage where multiple people can claim one unit or something so you dont loose it when you leave just to make it better


seems decent idea

People forget to bring up the simple thing that

One: Houses are in V3
Two: This feature is in V3

Please do not support this anymore, V2 Development needs to stop.

Oh it is? Okay thanks