House Robberies/Burglaries

House Robberies/Burglaries need some type of change

House Robberies/Burglaries were a cool addition to the criminal community and a great way to gain money for the criminal community but it is pretty unbalanced towards the Law Enforcement community with not many of us being able to do anything much. Fedora said that FBI was added for the list of compulsory law enforcement to be on duty for a house robbery to start but from personal experience, this has not been the case. I have seen no FBI on-duty and store robberies been able to start (maybe FBI was on then got off and then it started).

Currently, this is how it goes. A criminal starts a house robbery, they get the money and law enforcement reaches after the criminal leaves. The responding units are usually APD, RPD, FSP or SCSO. I personally pretty rarely see FBI respond to such robberies. So law enforcement reach and see nobody around with no way to determine who started the robbery and the criminals go off scot free. This happens even if you respond the fastest you can go which is honestly stupid and has no repercussions on the criminals.

  • Normal law enforcement (RPD, SCSO, APD, PDP, FSP, etc.) should be given a way to determine who robbed the house so there are repercussions for robberies.

  • Moreover, the dirty money dealer should be moved honestly since criminals can just go to the dealer and technically law enforcement cannot camp the dealer or (I believe) observe anyone go in and follow them after.

  • Also, PLEASE turn up the volume of the alarm, it’s so soft currently.

Basically, law enforcement go there and clear the house and find nothing. Then they will feel that it is pointless for them to respond again since the next time they probably won’t find anyone and nobody responds to the call. Then we get shade for not responding to the call when half the time we cannot BOLO or even find out who did the robbery without FBI responding to the robbery. Eventually, law enforcement will get bored and not address burglaries and give a free flowing source of money for criminals with little to no repercussions.


also ive heard apparently someone has made 100k off burglaries already


this means FBI is considered like FSP/SCSO to meet the minimum requirement for robberies (for example 4 LEOs), which means there could be 4 FBI & no other LEOs, or 0 FBI & 4 other LEOs and robberies would still work


still dumb


At least we have something to do now that does not require a minigame or a whole group of people to actually pull off.

Also, the success rate of these is very low. Like maybe 1 in 6, including when cops do arrive and we manage to escape. If criminals are experienced enough, of course they’ll be better at it, the same as with store, ATM and bank robberies.

It is brand new, so of course a lot of people are trying them now. Eventually they’ll die down, just give it time and then see if anything needs to be changed.


well im completely fine w u guys being able to succeed w the robberies but the fact that leos CANNOT DO ANYTHING about the criminal who robbed (we don’t get shown ur name or ANYTHING) unless we arrive fast enough or FBI comes on scene that’s the issue

response times above 1min 30 seconds is the max else the criminal escapes and then we cant set a bolo at all unless FBI is in game and that has to be changed by either giving leos a tool/method to identify the robber or something


yup give me ur money


And if we were to do this, how would we go about it that isn’t unfair to the unique briefcase tool that FBI has.

There is a random countdown which begins after you end a robbery, whilst this is bugged for burglaries at the moment, upon robbing another place it fixes.
Still, they have to wait for a countdown to expire. I’ll talk to fed about moving it but where would we move it to if every house will eventually be robbable?

Will look into it.


it would be cool if there was a thing to silence the alarm, APD responded right away when I robbed a house

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FBI could have it so it gets the info instantly and it can work for scanning cash, store robberies and house robberies whilst Law Enforcement only got this feature for house robberies.

Law Enforcement could maybe click the safe if the timer on the alarm went off was longer and maybe the cop stood there for 15 seconds and then a name would appear on the safe with the robber, only for house robberies.

  • Make the timer on the alarm + sound longer if this gets added.

Law Enforcement would only have until the timer ends to get the name, if they click it after the alarm stops nothing happens. As long as they clicked it before the alarm goes off then it works.


someone made 100k in 2 days as i showed u in dms. ppl make like 12k in 5 min.
gotta agree this isn’t that fair.
like there’s no way for leos to do much, and like to be fair either like u get less or smh or it’s smh similar to atms where leos can see who robbed