HonestlyEddie and FinDog42 for Governor | Building Safe Communities: Together We Stop CRIME!

Ladies and gentlemen, distinguished citizens of Firestone,

Today, I stand before you as a candidate for the esteemed position of governor, deeply committed to addressing a pressing issue that has plagued our beloved state: the rising tide of crime in our redwood area. Over the last few years, we have witnessed some of the most heinous crimes in Firestone’s history. However, despite these challenges, our brave and dedicated law enforcement officers (LEOs) have remained unwavering in their commitment to protect and serve. In the face of adversity, our Firestone LEOs not only survive but thrive, exemplifying the true Firestone way.

Crime, in any form, threatens the very foundation of our society. It undermines our sense of safety, disrupts our daily lives, and hampers the growth and prosperity of our communities. We can no longer turn a blind eye to this pressing issue; it is time for us to unite and take decisive action to restore peace and security to our redwood area.

As your prospective governor, I pledge to prioritize public safety and make reducing crime my topmost priority. Together, we will embark on a comprehensive and multi-faceted approach that will address the root causes of crime, strengthen our law enforcement agencies, and foster a united community that stands against criminal activities.

First and foremost, we must recognize and commend the unwavering dedication and resilience of our Firestone LEOs. These brave men and women have faced immense challenges and adversity with unwavering courage. As governor, I will ensure that our LEOs receive the support they need in terms of training, resources, and cutting-edge technology. By equipping them with the tools necessary to combat crime effectively, we empower them to continue their vital work of safeguarding our communities.

Furthermore, prevention is as crucial as enforcement. We will prioritize early intervention programs that target at-risk individuals, especially our youth, to steer them away from the path of crime. By investing in mentorship initiatives at our church, and programs for the delinquent criminals, we will provide our young citizens with alternative pathways to success, making crime a less appealing option.

Community engagement and collaboration will form the bedrock of our efforts to reduce crime. Neighborhood watch programs will be established, encouraging residents to actively participate in the protection of their communities. We will foster open lines of communication between law enforcement and citizens, ensuring that valuable information can be shared to prevent and solve crimes effectively. Together, we will create an environment where criminals find no refuge and where the strength of our unity prevails.

Education, too, plays a pivotal role in reducing crime rates. We will invest in quality education that equips our citizens with the knowledge and skills they need to become responsible and law-abiding individuals. By promoting programs that teach conflict resolution, social-emotional skills, and civic responsibility, we can nurture a generation that upholds the values of peace, fairness, and justice.

Moreover, we will address the underlying causes of crime. Mental health services will be expanded, ensuring that those in need receive the support and care necessary for their well-being. Substance abuse rehabilitation programs will also be prioritized, breaking the cycle of crime often linked to addiction. By providing comprehensive support, we can empower individuals to lead meaningful lives and contribute positively to our society.

Fellow citizens, the time for action is now. Together, we can reduce crime in our redwood area and restore peace and security to Firestone. Let us embrace the spirit of resilience and determination exhibited by our Firestone LEOs. By standing tall and united, we will overcome the challenges that lie ahead, for that is the true Firestone way.

In conclusion, as your prospective governor, I am committed to reducing crime in our redwood area. Through prioritizing law enforcement support, focusing on prevention and early intervention, fostering community collaboration, investing in education, and addressing underlying causes, we will create a Firestone where safety, peace, and prosperity prevail.

Thank you for your support. Together, let us embark on this journey towards a brighter and safer future for all citizens of Firestone.


I ain’t gonna say we back or nothing cuz that implies that we back from something


That’s nice and all but, whats your experience? And what experience does your Lieutenant governor candidate have?

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no. you harass multiple people of the community and youre overall toxic. we dont like toxicity!


Listen, don’t want to hate BUT if this is what pops up on your speech…

Nice speech but generally lacks a solid plan that encompasses significance to the entire state, and a lot of your plans aren’t relevant to Firestone.

Also never heard of your LT Gov which is red flag enough coming from a Senator since they’re the PO for that chamber…

Welp time for me to run™️

No God, Please No! | Know Your Meme


Ngl I have no intention to. I’m better at protecting and serving!

i was jk :joy: gov is only for people who don’t wanna do leo stuff

Lol u good, i still have no intention to run because am protector :saluting_face:

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Criminal record???


chat is this real

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:-1: :-1: :-1:

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used three detectors and all of them have the same results


Do you really even need a detector to see this was written by AI

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Firestone User Lookup

Officer Prison Time Arrest Location Offenses Venue Identifcation Date
AceSouthern 800 RWD BLVD Resisting Arrest, Evasion, Interfeering with a Public Employee Bloxmart 2S41 AceSouthern 6/21/2022 18:25 UTC
AngellicTerror 680 Prominence Blvd & Lincoln St Vehicular Assault Prominence Car Dealership 235 AngellicTerror 8/12/2023 17:23 UTC
atomgeg 500 401 Reckless Driving, Evasion. E15 1F05 atomgeg 8/13/2023 22:33 UTC
atomgeg 500 Redwood. Trespassing, Evasion. DOT 1F10 atomgeg 6/20/2022 22:15 UTC
CertifiedAirbus 900 Prominence Felony evasion; Resisting arrest; Battery Stadium 202; CertifiedAirbus 8/6/2023 16:10 UTC
chckin 800 Redwood Evasion, Reckless Driving Bank 398 K9 Officer chckin 8/14/2023 17:14 UTC
chckin 900 Redwood Vehicular Assault, Failure to Comply RCD 398 K9 Officer chckin 8/14/2023 16:27 UTC
chckin 900 Redwood Vehicular Assault, Failure to Comply, Evasion RCD 398 K9 Officer chckin 8/11/2023 18:28 UTC
chckin 600 401 Evasion, Reckless Driving E15 398 K9 Officer chckin 8/10/2023 19:44 UTC
chckin 500 Redwood Evasion, Resisting Arrest FDOT 398 K9 Officer chckin 8/10/2023 4:47 UTC
coolandonplays 800 Redwood Evasion, Resisting Arrest SCSO 1F02 coolandonplays 8/12/2023 18:17 UTC
Creator20204 900 Highway 401, Northbound Evasion, Interfering with a Public Service Employee, Vehicular Assault, Resisting Arrest Between Exit 15 and Exit 16 2S13, Creator20204 6/21/2022 17:31 UTC
cryptic_rising 400 Redwood Blvd Failure To Comply, Resisting Arrest Firestone Outfitters 2S26 cryptic_rising 8/11/2023 22:1 UTC
dannybec 900 Redwood BLVD Resisting Arrest, Felony Evasion, and Failure to Comply Grace Church 2S29 8/30/2023 23:17 UTC
DizzyMW1 400 Redwood Evasion Redwood 352 DizzyMW1 8/9/2023 4:3 UTC
eddielawz 900 Redwood Blvd Felony Evasion, Grand Theft Auto. RW Gas 386 eddielawz 8/13/2023 22:49 UTC
eddielawz 900 Redwood Blvd Misuse of Emergency Services, Resisting Arrest. 50k 386 eddielawz 8/13/2023 21:32 UTC
eddielawz 900 Redwood Blvd Felony Evasion, Resisting Arrest, Failure to Comply. RCD 386 eddielawz 8/12/2023 19:38 UTC
eddielawz 900 Redwood Blvd Assault witth a Deadly Weapon, Negligent Misuse of a Weapon, Unlawful Possession of a Weapon, unlawfully Brandishing a Weapon. Bloxmart 386 eddielawz 8/8/2023 22:54 UTC
eddielawz 900 98th Vehicular Assault, Resisting Arrest. SCSO 386 eddielawz 8/8/2023 20:28 UTC
EmberTheDev 500 Redwood Evasion Seminole Ridge 192 - EmberTheDev 8/19/2023 0:53 UTC
ExoticShepherd 900 Redwood Failure to COmply, Resisting Arrest, Vehicular Assault Sparks Snow 309 ExoticShepherd 8/13/2023 22:2 UTC
ExoticShepherd 900 Redwood Misuse of Emergency Services, Vehicular Assault, Reckless Driving, Resisting Arrest Bloxy Creme 309 ExoticShepherd 8/11/2023 22:56 UTC
firefighter218 900 Redwood Hit and Run, resisting arrest Rina bar 382 firefighter218 8/5/2023 1:49 UTC
firefighter218 900 Redwood Hit and run, resisting arrest, evasion, bribery x2, assault, disorderly conduct, criminal threats Sweetify 382 firefighter218 8/5/2023 21:52 UTC
firewarrior3600 300 Redwod Reckless Driving CD 381 ; firewarrior3600 8/8/2023 20:51 UTC
Flam_ed 300 Redwood Blvd Resisting Arrest Apartments 1S39 6/19/2022 16:16 UTC
Foxtrotgaming579 420 Redwood Battery Sheriff’s Office SS8 Agent Foxtrotgaming579 6/19/2022 15:41 UTC
Gamer80sStyle 500 RW Evasion x2, resisting arrest x2 Gas station 2F15 Gamer80sStyle 8/11/2023 21:43 UTC
heavytanker5 900 RW Old Res VA, Evasion Heavytanker5 336 8/19/2023 23:55 UTC
heavytanker5 300 RW Bloxy Creme Obstruction of Justice Heavytanker5 336 8/19/2023 22:50 UTC
HonestlyEddie 1200 Prominence [LTAA] First Degree Murder & FRP Prom Arena FinleyFraser12345 8/13/23
iiCryptic_LawMD 720 100th Avenue Battery, Disorderly conduct Redwood Car Dealership 1S89 iiCryptic_LawMD 6/20/2022 20:33 UTC
Jayxtro 800 FS98 Reckless Driving, Evasion, Failure to Comply Old Capital Gas 1S97 Jayxtro 8/12/2023 17:50 UTC
Jayxtro 900 December RD & 104th Ave Reckless Driving, Evasion, Failure to Comply, Resisting Arrest, Vehicular Assault Pigeon Kebabs 1S97 Jayxtro 8/9/2023 16:16 UTC
Jayxtro 900 Cell Black Day Room B Battery, Resisting Arrest, Criminal Threats Corrections SRT16 Jayxtro 8/8/2023 21:14 UTC
meltedlizard223 420 rw blvd battery rw blvd 392 8/28/2023 22:22 UTC
MichaeICalabrese 700 Redwood Evasion, Resisting Arrest FDOT HQ 397 MichaeICalabrese 8/6/2023 17:9 UTC
Minecraftcaleb52 900 Redwood BLVD Failure to Comply ; Obstruction of Justice ; Interfering with a Public Service Employee ; Felony Evasion ; Reckless Driving SPARKS 2S15 Minecraftcaleb52 8/30/2023 22:41 UTC
Minecraftcaleb52 680 Redwood BLVD Vehicular Assault CD 2S15 Minecraftcaleb52 8/27/2023 23:29 UTC
Minecraftcaleb52 900 Redwood BLVD Reckless Driving ; Felony Evasion ; Failure to Comply ; POOL 2S15 Minecraftcaleb52 8/27/2023 18:25 UTC
Minecraftcaleb52 900 Redwood Res Felony Evasion ; Reckless Driving ; Resisting Arrest 1017 2S15 Minecraftcaleb52 8/19/2023 17:36 UTC
nikozoomalt 400 94th Avenue Prominence Evasion Prominence Bank 233 nikozoomalt, 204 ScottMcAllister 8/8/2023 19:59 UTC
REDF0RE 900 Redwood Evasion, resisting arrest, vehicular assault x2, reckless driving Car dealer 320, REDF0RE 8/27/2023 23:3 UTC
REDF0RE 300 Redwood Evasion, reckless driving Gas 320, REDF0RE 8/27/2023 22:51 UTC
Resterize 900 Arborfield Felony Evasion, Reckless Driving, Vehicular Assault Exit 14 4F02 Resterize 8/28/2023 21:32 UTC
SirCalebXVI 900 Failure to Comply, Identification Presentation, Bribery DOCM 101 Chief SirCalebXVI 8/10/2023 3:43 UTC
SuperCobraAH1W 800 RW BLVD & DECEMBER RD Resisting Arrest, Grand Theft Auto RW CD 331 SuperCobraAH1W 8/5/2023 2:41 UTC
TheAvengerNick 450 Scenic ROad Evasion, Resisting Arrest RW Residential 2F14 TheAvengerNick 6/19/2022 8:20 PM EST
thedamnfeds 900 Redwood Evasion, Vehicular Assault Redwood Roundabout 1S99, thedamnfeds 8/5/2023 21:16 UTC
TheFirstBlood 900 Redwood Vehicular Assault, Evasion, Resisting Arrest CD 1S16, TheFirstBlood 8/19/2023 0:20 UTC
TheFirstBlood 700 Redwood Interfering with a Public Service Employee, Failure to Comply DOT 1S16, TheFirstBlood 8/19/2023 22:34 UTC
TheFirstBlood 900 Redwood 1st Degree Murder, Battery, Felony Evasion, Resisting Arrest Feds 1S16, TheFirstBlood 8/8/2023 21:11 UTC
TheFirstBlood 700 Arborfield Resisting Arrest, Interfering with a Public Service Employee SCMC 1S16, TheFirstBlood 8/5/2023 21:0 UTC
TobooRacc 900 December RD Hit and run, Resisting Arrest Vacant building front of RW Res 373 TobooRacc 8/27/2023 23:52 UTC
tonysstepbro 900 Redwood Blvd Felony Evasion, Vehicular Assault, Resisting Arrest, Disorderly Conduct FSP 1S03 tonysstepbro 8/10/2023 23:17 UTC
ZxroVanity 400 DOT Evasion 98th Avenue 1S32 ZxroVanity 6/20/2022 22:59 UTC