History of Firestone the Movie

This seems like a significant idea, but I’m expressing it nonetheless because I currently have nothing better to do. I think we should create a documentary about the history of Firestone. If you find this idea compelling, I could involve voice actors and characters to enhance the storytelling. While I think this could be a fascinating project, I have a few questions.

  1. Would the developers support us by providing old game tools?

  2. Is there interest from anyone in participating?

  3. How have other movies performed within the context of Firestone?

I do acting in rand, I believe this project within the Firestone community could be enjoyable. In case the concept of a movie appears too challenging, could the developers still provide old tools and cars for a museum?

Let me know if you have any further adjustments or specific preferences!


the fact youre dedicated to this is something else



I think we should get Morgan Freeman to narrate it. Make sure you get my good side.


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