Gun Suggestions

Make the option for LEGALLY LICENSED PEOPLE for when they log out while on civ, their weapon stays with them when they log back in, as long as they have not died, or if they have been combat tagged (shots within like 50-100 studs)


I don’t really support this.

It would kill the very point of owning a storage locker.

And as far as I know combat logging won’t be a thing, but perhaps it would be a good idea.

@anon54114525 will there be a combat logging system in v3? Wouldn’t be a bad idea.


Seeing how this topic is worded, I’m going to add this; For the purposes of realism and meaning in training, restrict third person shooting more heavily and emphasize first person more by removing crosshairs and free movement of aiming. It is extremely unrealistic and defeats the purpose of tactics if someone can simply jump and shoot freely in 360 degrees with no recoil. With proposed new system, you would still be able to shoot in third person, but only in the direction of where the barrel is pointing. Recoil would be involved and vary depending on type of firearm. If more accurate shots are desired, then one must go in first person and aim down sights. (Assuming that’s the case since gun optics and scopes will be a thing with V3). This would cut down on unrealistic play such as blind firing.