GoProDojoTM for Prominence District Council

Hello. My name is GoProDojoTM. I have slowly been making my way through communities and some of you may know me from other Ro-States. I am not new to firestone as I have been Department of Commerce (inspector before) and have the knowledge on how the game operates. While I have not been involved within Firestone as hardcore as some others I want to become more involved. Even though some of you may not know who I am, trust me that I am willing to do all it takes to make your voice matter.

I know some people are suspicious of new faces for positions like these.

I am well rounded in the field of law enforcement, legislation, and judicial. If you choose me you can expect activity, communication and involvement with the public, and an open mind.

Many different politicians look to use these types of positions to pass their own agenda. However, I am a man of my word and want to see everyone in Firestone happy. Every month/bi weekly (to be determined how often) I will get in contact with different departments and many of the businesses within the District of Prominence to take in and note any issues they have had or anything they are looking to gain. By doing so I will do my best to create legislation in their favor so that everyone is happy and Firestone citizens enjoy their time in the city.

A more specific plan I have is I have is to work with PDP to establish a database for trespassers for the businesses and other properties within the District of Prominence. For example, if an officer and business trespasses someone from the building there is not global way of knowing after the officer leaves the game. By establishing a database of which users are trespassed/blacklisted from property and where they are not allowed to be it will create an organization database for officers needing to know if someone is blacklisted.

My DMs will always be open to talk and my mind will always be open to understand different aspects of a opinion.

By staying active and communicating with the residents of Prominence I hope I can make the district better than how great it already is.

Be A Pro and Vote GOPRO!

support for “dojo” in the username. mojodojocasahouse :heart:




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