Give PDP wraparound bars for their vehicles

I’m not sure why, but PDP is the only municipal/patrol department that does not get wraparound ram bars, seeing as they do just as much pursuits and policing as every other unit, I’m not sure why they are the only ones left out, the suggestion is quite simple, give PDP wraparound bars so that they can have a fair chance with pitting vehicles, as without one it is much harder to pit.


learn to pit properly then

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ngl L (to alexis). Also I think this makes sense cause pdp deals with the majority of traffic crimes anyways given as were right there on the 401 and also have rage storage where a multitude of criminals go in pursuits

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why L to me

just pit better, lol

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also I think it makes more sense to give them pdp because every other muni now has them

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bros got a smart response for everything

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yes !!