Get rid of toxicity in Firestone Discord Servers

Several Discord Servers have people who are toxic. I myself am always a victim of that in the state patrol discord when a couple DHS officers ridicule troopers for mistakes and then come at me, as well as the POST discord when I was terminated and when I bring up new subjects, the POST staff act toxic to me (except a small handful of staff members that know me really well). Toxicity isn’t even enforced in the discord servers either which drives me mad. I hope this crisis ends quickly.


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Pretty funny that you call people toxic for something you are always bringing up. No one gives a fuck about you being terminated from POST. The only person who brings it up and starts a discussion about it is you. Everytime I see something mentioned about it, it comes back to you mentioning it. If you don’t want people to mention you being terminated from POST which is the whole reason you’re bitching about the servers being “toxic”, then stop bringing it up and move the fuck on. It’s getting annoying when every discord I go to, I see something about it and it’s always starting with you tagging someone about it who said nothing about it.

I can go in every discord server and take at least 20 screenshots of you tagging someone like Bear or Elite mentioning it out of no where. How dare you sit there and call out a random fucking department for your own actions. Un fucking believable.


Yes, I agree. Minecraftcaleb53 is toxic.


Well said. I agree as well.




People just need to stop being so sensitive, this isn’t aimed directly at you per se but just an example. The further the community has progressed, more and more people have become what I call “snowflakes”, you can’t deal with a bit of criticism and discipline so you complain and cry about it, unfortunately, this is life, y’all need to stop being so sensitive and just deal with it, thanks.


Preach boi
when people support a comment more than a post




hi snowflake


Don’t you dare call yourself a fucking victim. You tried to make a move on Elite and you failed. The only thing you are and ever will be a “victim” of is failing to overthrow your hard working boss.

Left to me (and you’re beyond fortunate it’s not), you’d have been out a long ass time ago.


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Maybe if you just use your brain a little you wouldn’t be here. We aren’t the ones that tried to form a coup on elite :man_shrugging:t5: Don’t complain about something that YOU caused.

Something to think about


I always say this to anyone who comes complaining to me in relation to being targeted.

“Look at yourself before saying others.”

As a former Chief of Federal Protection for FDHS, I’ve seen actual times where my officers were actually making uncalled for remarks or in an attempt to cause provocations. But most of the time, it is really just that fellow being what @Fairfull said;

The other thing I normally see which is what I’ve always said to others and what @Flam_ed as aforementioned, if you started the whole topic on your termination when no one else really did, then it is really for you to blame. Yes you can say it is your own mouth, not others and they should mind their own business. Mind you that it is our business if we want to make remarks too. Just a matter of if there is moral sense to it.

If I were you now, I would just keep quiet and not say anything further if you want to continue being in the State of Firestone without much dislike from others and to be picked on as time goes.


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pixel spitting facts


i always spit facts, and people dislike it.


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Watch yourselves on this one

I see no way besides contacting mods of the discords personally. Or yknow, learn to not be sensitive. If someone is being so toxic to the point that they are affecting let’s say… 5+ members of the department, they should be reported to HICOMM. But other than that, be less sensitive.


Looks like you’ve moved to the forums to whine about your POST Termination and to play the victim card yet again.

Let me just say this. You are the real provoker of this “toxicity” directed to you, I find it disgusting how you call yourself the victim when you keep bringing up your goddamn POST Termination and you wanting to sue Elite or whatever. NOBODY CARES.

Of course people aren’t going to treat you with respect after you try to overrun your boss, who may I say works his arse off, alongside bear, every single day to make POST the best it can be. Bear terminating you was the right choice to make for the staff team since I, and many others; would’ve hate to know what other foul-play you would’ve gotten up to behind your superiors backs.

Here’s a few screenshots just to show I’m not speaking out of my rear about you being the “victim”. - Bringing the subject unnecessarily up out of nowhere. - Here we can see you trying to victimise yourself to make bear feel guilty and regretful for firing you, guess what; he won’t. - This screenshot is so pathetic really, you can clearly see bear and another agent just telling you to shut up about this subject since like I, and many others have already stated, NOBODY CARES. Little side note, those three screenshots are from one page off of the FSP Discord, there’s 11 pages in that discord alone about you mentioning POST.

My final advice, shut up about this situation, man up and move on from it and you may still be able to save the little amount of respect a couple people might still have for you.