GeomotryDashPro2950 for Redwood City Council

Hi, hope you’re all having a nice evening. I am GeomotryDashPro2950, and I am announcing my candidacy for the Redwood City Council.

Instead of boring you with false promises and hopes like other candidates, I will instead tell you what I am going to do and how I plan to accomplish such.

As a citizen of Redwood, I understand the daily struggles of those who make our streets unsafe. To start off, I’d like to work to majorly increase safety in the City of Redwood by pushing for further punishments for traffic crimes including but not limited to reckless driving, careless driving, and vehicular assault.

Next, I want to work with local businesses within our city to find out their needs and to see what we can do to assist them. I personally believe that good communication with local commerce is the key to a successful city.

While of course this isn’t everything I will do, this is what I have planned at this current moment.

I won’t blow any of your horns or beg for your vote, though I’ll let you know that if elected for this position, I won’t let any of you down.

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i’ve literally never heard of u in my life. tell us more about yourself! current employments, likes, etc

So I’m a tad confused, you’re running for city council yet you reference the state?

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Oh yes, my bad. Mis-typed that, but I’ve fixed that now.

I have made like 10 bills in redwood to help it that have passed like I said they would. All the alderman do not give false promises, we help redwood as we all promised when joining the council

I do not have really any previous employments within Firestone, but I am currently enrolled in the Firestone Fire Academy as a Session 4 EMS. I plan on pursuing a medical career here in Firestone, as the medical field is one of my many interests.

I know I’m not really relevant here (or anywhere for that matter), but I am working to change that by attempting to contribute further in this state.

For likes, I enjoy the medical field as well as the political field. Those are really my prime interests, although I do have many more.

I wasn’t primarily directing that comment towards the Redwood city council, or anyone specific for that matter. If you take a quick look at the speeches tag, you’ll see many posts with people promising a variety of different things that they end up not fulfilling. I do apologize if you took offense to that, but it was an overall statement not directed towards any certain individual(s).


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I don’t think you’ve been in Firestone long enough to make a conclusion like that.

That’s cool and all but that’s state level. Aside from business cooperation, you haven’t actually suggested anything on the local level that you will do.

Maybe there’s a reason the ‘other candidates’ are in office, because they made promises; they told the voters what their intended on doing once in office.

It only takes about 10 minutes to look at a few speeches from a variety of different people, and only 10 more minutes to see that they were promising many things that they ended up not fulfilling.

You’re correct, and as a city councilman I cannot enforce further punishments but I can work to allow further punishment for such violations.

This is one of your points that I actually agree somewhat with. So, I’ll respond to it with a long(ish) response than usual.

To start off, I believe that local commerce is very important for a successful city, and hence is why I would like to further work with businesses.

On top of this, I do want to try to get more opinions from citizens within this city. As cliché as it sounds, its important to let the citizens help in the bettering of their own city. I have future plans to increase our communication with citizens so we can allow them to put a word in what they want.

This goes along with the fact that I’d love to write things that citizens want, which is why I included a limited amount of things I will do. I’d like to wait until I can get that communication so I can make laws that our citizens want.

If you have any more questions, please let me know.

Why don’t you spend time in the community so you can identify the issues?

@GeomotryDashPro2950 how many demons have you beat?

I have spent some time within this community, and I have been trying to identify issues. A few I’ve found have been listed in my above posts, and I’m still working to identify and attend to more.

I can assure you and anyone else that if given a chance, I won’t disappoint.

If I’m being for real here, maybe 40.

No support.

Yours Truly

bruh ok so you’re fr with your name

we ain’t playing around :sunglasses:

support everyone deserves a chance to prove themself and starting at a low level is what i want to see with an aspiring politician


The issues you have listed are: (1) business cooperation, (2) pushing for stronger traffic laws

If you don’t have the policies or the experience, you talk about your motivations. Why are you running for city council? What are your beliefs?

Everyone does start somewhere, and city council is the place to do it, however, it is still a big responsibility, and just saying “i’ll work with businesses” is, in my opinion, far from sufficient.

I retract my previous statement and issue a new one!


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