General Electoral Law- Establishment

This act’s purpose will be a crucial part of the State of Firestone as an overall group. It shall establish the GEC, Group Election Committee, that handles any and all elections.



(a) There is a Group Election Commission, also named GEC in this act.

(b) The Group Election Commission shall bear the responsibility of hosting and regulating elections pertaining to the State of Firestone such as:
(1) Elections for any and all ranks within the State of Firestone Legislative Branch;
(2) Elections for Governorship and Lieutenant Governorship;
(3) Any other election process deemed necessary.

(a) The GEC has the following scopes and organizes in the following way:
(1) All election information shall be stored on one trello board that can be publicly viewed anytime;
(2) Any kind of motions passed within the commission must be approved by at least half of the members in order to pass. Motions may be disqualification of signatures, disqualification of candidates for breaking laws or election rules, disqualification of voters for being suspicious (ALTs, very small account age or any irregularities found by the GEC), extension of an election in case it is needed and any other motions deemed necessary;
(3) If somebody does not vote on a motion within 8 hours then their vote counts as an abstain (this is to make sure that motions will be passed or denied within 8 hours in case they don’t reach a majority because of inactivity);
(4) Certain illegal/unlawful/evidently bias (conflict of interest) motions can be struck down by the proposal of at least one overseer and the approval of the Supreme Court;
(5) The GEC shall elect their Chairperson that may appoint a Vice Chairperson and both shall be GEC commissioners. The Chairperson is the main representative of the GEC, who writes election forums and manages the trello boards and other logistics. The Chairperson is responsible of making sure that the commission runs smoothly and legally, according to this act;
(6) Commissioners may establish the electoral rules for general elections, but the main ones remain as it follows:
(i) Each candidate shall create a forum to gain signatures. The content of the forum does not matter as long as it announces the candidacy of the said person. The amount of signatures shall be chosen by the GEC, but shall not be lower than 5 or higher than 15;
(ii) After gaining their signatures, the candidate shall send the forum link to the election representative/host. All signatures will be checked by the GEC according to the Constitution in order to make sure that every voter/supporter has a valid account;
(iii) All candidates that acquired the amount of needed signatures and submitted their forum before the time limit, are officially put on the election ballot, which will be an op####o###### #r#######essage system or an in-game vote with a PUBLIC tr######oard where all votes are recorded;
(iv) Candidates may only be disqualified if a motion passes and if they breached the following rules:
(A) Breaking official electoral law;
(B) Partaking in any form of criminal activity DURING the election process;
© Advertising their signature thread on other signature threads or on the registration forum;
(D) Shouting their campaign in ANY ROBLOX group;
(E) Candidates can freely campaign on the wall of the main State of Firestone group, political party groups (the party leaders are allowed to delete advertisements if they feel it is necessary), candidacy groups of any office candidate that allows campaigning in their group, city ads, private messages and other means of communication;
(F) Posting more than one campaign advertisement on any group wall (commonly known as ‘double posting’) without deleting the extra post immediately and leaving it there is not allowed (if more persons campaign for one person on the same page that is allowed);
(G) Deleting wall posts to keep a Congressional campaign advertisement at the top is forbidden.
(v) Other rules can be added or dissolved by the GEC with majority;
(vi) Registration and ballot voting last at least 48 hours each, but the time can be changed by two thirds of the GEC;
(vii) House and Senate elections can not be hosted at the same time.
(viii) Candidates can be disqualified both during registration and during ballot vote in case they break essential rules or laws.
(7) Commissioners can be removed by two thirds of the GEC. The branch that lacks the expelled member shall appoint a new one;
(8) All GEC motions and votes are to be recorded on the public trello. Trello is the ONLY mean of motion proposals and motion votes;
(9) Any other election, excepting the general ones (that last longer), shall last for at least 24 hours, with the maximum being 72 hours.

(b) Being a commissioner is not public office and any trusted person can be a member of the commission if they meet the requirements.

© Congress or the Supreme Court shall, with an open forum vote that gains a majority of ayes, require any information from the GEC. Certain agencies/departments that are responsible of investigations may start an investigation if deemed necessary.

(d) All contrary electoral laws or resolutions are hereby repealed.


The GEC only hosts ELECTIONS (not ousts, expulsions, impeachments, bills or such acts).


(a) The General Election Commission that bears responsibility of elections shall be composed of five (5) members and two (2) overseers that are chosen at the very end of each month in order to serve for the rest of the following month; the term being 1 month, with no limits on how many times a person can serve on the GEC.

(b) The composition of the GEC shall be the following:
(1) Two members from the legislative branch (one from the House of Representatives and one from the Senate), chosen on an open forum vote regulated by the Speaker of the House, respectively the Lieutenant Governor.
(2) Two members from the executive branch (one appointed by the Governor of the State of Firestone and one appointed by the Lieutenant Govenor of the State of Firestone) - the appointees must work within the executive and they can hold any position in the said branch, but no position in any other branches.
(3) One Group Administrator appointed by FedoraMasterB98.
(4) Two overseers from the judicial branch that are appointed by the Supreme Court. These may only be justices who shall only oversee the process and have no influential statements during the election.

SECTION 4: This act shall be in effect starting exactly after it has passed.

SECTION 5: All laws in conflict with this legislation are hereby declared null and void.

Respectfully submitted to the Congress of the State of Firestone.

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