Funny Clips From v2/v3

Funny Clips Needed! :bacon:

Hello fellow citizens of Firestone

Once upon a time, I was bored with literally nothing to do so I checked out some Firestone content on yt. That’s when I came upon the very Iconic “State of Fails” episodes made by @AtlanticCanuck. These are unfortunately dated back quite some time, and the series really ended. That’s when I came up with this random idea to create my own type of funny moment videos since I’m a good video editor irl (and since I have some free time recently).


If you have any funny clips you think would be worthy to be in a Firestone Funny moments video, send them in this thread!! If I do have enough clips I’ll make a video, and if I do, everyone who submits a clip will be credited at the end! Please send as many funny clips/moments from ingame that you have here!

|| p.s. all credits for this idea goes to @AtlanticCanuck ||

IMPORTANT: I’m hoping that if I get enough clips to make a video, it can gain views so that a potential future second video could have EVEN MORE clips and could be funnier. Also again, credits to atlantic for this. If he doesnt want me to do this, I won’t. Simple as that. ok thx

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p sure canuck still has v2 funny moments saved as i saw him post them on a thread somewhere, also scroll through the all the memes and puns thread

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im tryna make my own one not Atlantic’s so I need clips from cops and crime @Maxofamillion2

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hes got some that he hasnt used in videos yet

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just look through the thread, theres bound to be smh there.


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