Funniest LEO/Public Service stories?

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so one time i was driving and i seen two homeless bums fighting with dull plastic butter knives and they were dueling like it was fencing.


As FNG, had a breach.
Went to barracks. Two male breachers involved in intercourse.


I’ve put this on another topic as well, but hell, why not put it here.

Right, so story time folks!

So, when I was a Captain for FDOC, I got this report of a CO doing something to an inmate. So of course, I investigated. I was provided a three-minute youtube video of the CO performing the action and what was in it, made me laugh like hell.

Basically, the footage showed the CO removing an inmate from a cell without reporting it on the radio (one of the reasons that got him fired) and then he took the inmate to the Prisoner Lounge, behind the stairs, where there are no cameras, doors etc. The CO then proceeded to force the inmate against a wall and then pull out an M4 from up his ass. Then suddenly… he executes the inmate.

So my initial reaction was jesus christ followed by a few minutes of laughter. Of course, this was all the proof that I needed, so, with that, I notified great overlord palmertae and got him fired.

That’s one way to get fired, folks.

TL;DR Shut the fuck up and read it. Not that long. kthx


When me, an offduty DHS CRT agent, gets detained by SWAT and a offduty FSP Trooper gets killed by SWAT. but this was back in october swat is fine now


Bruh, should have gave his ass a promotion xd