When was the last time you actually saw people pull in a gas station and fill up?

No one actually uses the gas station because one, no-one drives around long enough to significantly run out of fuel and two, it’s cheaper to just regen your car and viola, you have all your fuel back.

You lot should really think about making any loss of fuel permanent until they fill it up, like they do in Mayflower. (And no it wouldn’t be a copied idea because if we’re trying to be realistic, this should have been implemented initially).

This would allow DoT to respond to more stuff, like cars stranded in the middle of the street or shit like that, plus it will make most gas stations usable and would increase a presence in the state where it’s not Redwood.


DOT doesn’t even have jerry cans so it’s finna be a challenging maneuver to tow and then place the vehicle on the gas spots. Also, people start out with 5k just enough for a vic and not for gas soo

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people dont run out of petrol

What fucking bullshit, everyday on patrol in FS I have to fill up twice, so if all of you civs started, I don’t know, EXPANDING FROM REDWOOD. Maybe then you’d experience the need to fill up.

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Alright calm down before I use force, geezer.

  1. I can guarantee you’re one of those officers that patrol for a fuck-off time of 3 hours so you’re an exception. Plus you constantly have to drive around, we don’t.

  2. No one has a reason to expand from Redwood because it’s B O R I N G outside of the city

  3. It’s genuinely tough to run out of fuel so easily. You could do a ring around 401 twice and still have more than half in the tank, it’s all about how long you’re around.

I don’t even know why you’re bitching, your fucking fuel is free. I’m trying to make the gas stations more useful, I coudn’t care less about you LEOs.


  1. Give them jerry cans, that shouldn’t be too hard

  2. Give them 5k for a car and maybe 50 - 100 for gas.

Real easy solutions, we give $8 every 2 mins for fuck all, $16 if you’re a sucker like me. Economy is not a problem here.

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Then they get paid MORE then jobs at 16, and that causes the magical thing that is already fucked Inflation

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Except any form of economics don’t exist in ROBLOX states

So it’s fuckin’ gucci

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