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Ok so,

I had a thought recently. In real life, you do not need a permit to obtain a rifle, only a clear background check. What if we made it so that if you have a criminal record you cannot purchase a rifle but if you don’t you can buy one without a license. Handguns would remain the same. I don’t know if this is possible for devs to do but it’s an interesting concept.


It’s also been brought up that people may expunge and abuse this but I’m honestly just seeing what people think. No opinion from me.

This would make it easy for new players/alt accounts to cause havoc. I strongly disagree.


True, good point.

mayham 101

I honestly like this. A lot more realistic.

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Why tho

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Yeah, speaking of that. What happened to the CFL classes?

Maybe if there was something like a bolt action .22 added to the game, but at the moment the only legally available rifle is the AK-47, unless you bought v2 Alpha and have the M4A1 which is also automatic. I don’t think the devs will be adding new guns to v2, as the focus is on v3 and to my knowledge they don’t even have guns for that yet.

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cfl machine broke

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Our system already works well enough.

Whilst this feature would be nice for us law abiding citizens who have no intent to commit crimes when the great ol’ cfl machine is broken (see Fix the CFL System for the solution to that problem), it would just cause problems. Citizens would get firearms without checking their knowledge on when and how to use a firearm, etc.

Instead of helping combat gun crime in Firestone, this has the very real potential to increase gun crime - the opposite of what we need right now.

Instead of implementing a new system, let’s fix the current system.

And to save me filling up this thread with replies:

Ahahaha, are you sure about that?

Just because it’s realistic, doesn’t mean it’s the right system.

yes. I am very sure.

Yes it’d be realistic, but it’d be crazy as mentioned above. No support.

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