FS Political Podcast VO

Good Evening. I’m very proud to announce that Firestone News Network will be sponsoring a ‘Podcast’ via YouTube called “Firestone Political Podcast.” The Firestone Political Podcast is sponsored by Firestone News Network and will be hosted by FNN President NotFoundDev. The podcast will be hosted every week and every week we would bring in special guests. It most likely will be air’ ed weekly on Fridays (or) Saturdays - we haven’t quite yet decided yet but we will let you all know as soon as possible… but until then you are able to win 10K FS Cash and 100 Robux. How? (you ask)

Well… all you have to do is create a voiceover to be air’ ed before every Firestone Political Podcast each week. It could be between 10 seconds and 45 seconds. You can find information about the podcast below to use in your voiceover:

  • Firestone Political Podcast

  • Sponsored by FNN (Firestone News Network)

  • Hosted by NotFoundDev

  • Weekly Political Podcast

  • Special Guests Each Week

You are allowed to send in your voiceover via DMs on Discord until Wednesday evening at 10 PM EST. Thank you! Wish all those who send in a voiceover… the best luck!


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