Forums Event - Firestone Word Unscramble (#003)

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Forums Event - Firestone Word Unscramble (#003)

Forums Event Information

Forum Moderators have decided to host events when they’re free, to further encourage the use of Firestone Forums and to give community members the chance to participate in events which take place. When a Forum Moderator wishes to host an event, a post will be made by them, explaining the commencement of an event. You must solve the puzzle accordingly before posting your winning response as a reply to the thread. If you’re lucky enough to win, you’ll be added to the Game Winners group and you’ll obtain a special forums flair and title.

Firestone Word Unscramble

Today you’ve been given a list of Firestone Word Unscramble which you’ll need to solve using your unscrambling methods. The words could be anything relating to Firestone, from names of high level individuals within the community to names of stores in-game. I’m expecting this one to be a bit harder for some of you, you’ll need to think outside the box. The first individual to successful unscramble all 10 words below and order them from 1-10 accordingly will be this event’s winner.

  1. barriefold

  2. iresoften

  3. coreeninpm

  4. altonpest

  5. norserge

  6. gantislelio

  7. prf

  8. noorrveg

  9. beds palmetto

  10. topical

Good luck!

  1. CanadlanLaw

whats the answers

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  1. AestheticallyHappy
  2. AestheticallyHappy
  3. AestheticallyHappy
  4. AestheticallyHappy
  5. AestheticallyHappy
  6. AestheticallyHappy
  7. AestheticallyHappy
  8. AestheticallyHappy
  9. AestheticallyHappy
  10. Cuxle is Bald
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This’ll stay open for weeks until someone can be bothered to try and win the role, it’s actually hard.

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ive actually already won buddy

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You wish.

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Give Hint

Hints coming within the next 15 mins.

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  • None of them are actual usernames, however there’s 1 which is a role/job within the state.

  • Some are places within Firestone.

  • One of them is a car within Firestone (good luck with that one).

  • Number 5 is a property/place/business within Redwood.

  • Number 6 is a Branch & Forum Category (I’ve literally made this easy now come on).

  1. Arborfield
  2. Firestone
  3. Prominence
  4. Stapleton
  5. Rogreens
  6. Legislation
  7. Frp
  8. Governor
  9. Bolt Stampede
  10. Capitol

Very impressive, well done.

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i hate you leagalzombie in the nicest way. <3

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